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Why does my Polaris 380 feed hose tangle or tie itself in knots? - FAQs

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Why does my Polaris 380 feed hose tangle or tie itself in knots?

To prevent your Polaris 380 from tying itself up in knots the hose length and float placement needs to be correct. The clear hose should be cut to the greatest depth of your pool and the entire feed hose (1 clear and 2 white sections) should reach within 6” of the farthest point of the pool. If your hose needs to be cut, please refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions. Next you will need to check float placement. The clear hose should have one float behind the back-up valve and another float upstream 2-3 feet (toward the pool wall). On the 2 white hoses the floats should be no less than 1-1/2 feet and no more than 3 feet apart. Once you have verified that the hose and floats are properly cut and placed, you will also need to make sure your back-up valve is cycling. Hold the back up valve out of the water and watch the back up jet to make sure it turns on and turns off. This jet should be off longer than it is on. Your Polaris 380 cleaner requires a minimum number of wheel revolutions per minute. The optimal range is between 28-32 RPM. It is easy to check the RPM by bringing the cleaner to the edge of the pool keeping it submerged. Turn it so the single side wheel is up (make sure you hold on to the sweep hose so you will not get wet). Mark the single wheel or place a leaf or twig under the tire as a starting point; count the revolutions of the marked wheel for exactly one minute, beginning after the Polaris has completed a back-up cycle (back-up jet off). Finally, the swivels that connect the hose to the cleaner and the hose sections to each other, need to turn freely and the flow arrows must be pointing toward the cleaner.

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