Common FAQs about Winterizing Pools and Pool Covers

Many pool owners have questions about how to manage their pools in the off season. Because there are such a number of questions that people have regarding this issue, we’ve decided to take the time to answer them and help give you a little clarity about the process of winterizing your pool and choosing the right cover. Keep reading to get the answers to the top FAQs on this issue and find out more about the process.

 Do I Need a Winter Pool Cover?

If you live in a climate where you close your pool for any period of time during the winter months, having a winter pool cover is a near must. Some warmer climates may allow for lighter covers or different styles of protection, but you need to make sure that your pool is covered when it is not in use. This will keep it from filling with debris and protect the liner and other equipment from the elements of weather while it is closed for the season. There are many different types of winter covers to choose from, so you will need to make sure that you explore your options and find the cover that suits your needs. The bottom line is that if you live in a region with an ‘off-season’, you need a different cover to protect your pool.

If you do cover your pool, please check your local “Laws” or “Code Enforcement” as we’ve found that many areas have special requirements about your pool when it is covered.

Skimmer Guards from Ice Damage

Skimmers Need Protection from Ice Expansion

What’s the Point of Winterizing?

Winterizing the pool includes draining the water from pump

/filter, protecting skimmers, adding chemicals, and then covering the pool. This entire process is designed to protect your pool and give you some peace of mind. During the winter months, the pool can be subject to a lot of debris and weather that it isn’t designed to handle. If you protect it properly, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged along the way. Pools aren’t a cheap investment in the first place and you need to keep them in great shape by winterizing them during the off season, no matter what type of pool you have.

 How Do I Choose a Cover?

Choosing a cover is mostly a matter of personal opinion. You do need to make sure that your cover fits the pool and that it’s designed for the use that you have in mind. Beyond that, it will be up to you to read reviews and check out various products to find what you like best. Above ground and in ground pools have different covers to choose from. You can also choose from winter covers, safety covers, mesh or solid and other styles that are available. Your climate might affect the type of cover that you need, too. For example, in snowy states, a heavy duty cover might be necessary while milder climates might allow for a lighter cover that is less expensive. It’s all about taking the time to see what’s out there and get what you need. Continue reading »

Tips For Taking Care of Vinyl Pool Liners

How to Care for your Vinyl Pool Liners

Homeowners with backyard swimming pools depend on vinyl pool liners to keep their pools looking beautiful season after season. Nearly 70 percent of the residential pools in the United States rely on durable and easy-to-clean, solid & printed flexible vinyl to protect the interior pool surface from the environmental elements and man made conditions.

The vinyl liner’s surface is exposed to numerous hazards, from sunlight and temperature fluctuation to chemicals and careless cleaning. The most common causes of damage to vinyl pool liners are premature pattern wear due to abrasive cleaning tools and bleaching due to improper chemical balance. These two factors, exclusively or in combination, can attack the vinyl liner and cause premature aging.

If you’re one of the 5 million North American homeowners who have a pool with a vinyl liner, follow these simple tips to lengthen its years of service:

Chemical Maintenance

  • Prior to installation, read and follow the chemical manufacturers’ directions. Many liner problems are a result of misuse of chemicals.
  • When adding chemicals, add one chemical at a time.
  • Add each dissolved chemical through the skimmer for best dispersion into the pool (through the filtration system).
  • Maintain proper water balance: pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.6; total alkalinity at 80 ppm to 100 ppm; and calcium hardness at 200 ppm to 300 ppm.
  • Keep free chlorine, the most common active ingredient that sanitizes the pool, at 1.5 ppm to 2.5 ppm. If the concentration drifts below 1.5 ppm, algae and bacterial growth can take hold more easily and may cause staining of the vinyl liner. If the active chlorine concentration is maintained greater than 2.5 ppm, liner wrinkling may occur. This problem can be further aggravated if accompanied by pH levels that fall below 7.0.

Seasonal Care

  • Avoid the use of any abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning aids.
  • Vacuum and clean the pool with a cleaner designed for vinyl lined pools.
  • Never use sharp objects in or around the pool, as they can puncture the liner.
  • After the chemicals have dissipated, cover your pool when it’s not in use. This will decrease its exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays.  Less chemicals are required if your pool is covered and/or not used.  To avoid high concentrations of airborne chemicals building up between the water and the cover, open or vent the cover every 24 hours.
  • Do not drain the pool completely for any reason without consulting a pool professional. The older the liner, the higher the risk that it will shrink and not stretch back into its original shape.
  • Never close a pool without circulating the pool water for several hours after the addition of chemicals.

Pool Floats and Pool Loungers

Pool Floats and Pool Loungers

Pool Floats, Swimming Pool Loungers

Swimming Pool Floats and Pool Loungers


Pool Floats and Swimming Pool Loungers and Chairs add a touch of elegance and comfort to your backyard. The perfect summer day in or around the pool begins with the perfect pool float or pool lounger. They will provide you countless hours of relaxation and enjoyment. After a hard day at work, you deserve a break so relax in the sun and soak up some rays with our Pool Floats,  Loungers and Chairs. We have a wide variety of sturdy, long lasting pool floats that come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Our Pool Lounges and Chairs take relaxation to a new level.  These are not the blow up floats you find in any store. These pool floats and pool loungers are durable and long lasting.

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Patio & Market Umbrellas

Stay Cool in the shade of your Patio Umbrella

Patio & Market Umbrellas

Outdoor Umbrellas and Umbrella Accessories

Patio & Market Umbrellas accessorize your patio, deck, pool side, or garden with a beautiful and practical patio umbrella or market umbrella. Even on the sunniest day, you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces and stay cooler in the shade of your umbrella. In addition, patio umbrellas are probably the best way to remain outside without absorbing the harmful UV rays of the sun, which cause skin cancers and sunburns.

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A Sunbrella Umbrella is any umbrella that is made with, arguably, the world’s most famous brand of outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella. Most are fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and livable. Sunbrella’s fabrics are worry-free and incredibly long lasting. From the bright sun to greasy meatballs, Sunbrella fabrics are tough enough to withstand the extremes of Mother Nature along with all the little accidents that come from everyday living. Sunbrella’s rich fabrics will remain beautiful summer after summer. Whenever you need the best quality outdoor fabric for your umbrella, Sunbrella fabrics can make it happen with quality style and flare. Sunbrella fabrics are durable, beautiful, and comfortable.

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The Above Ground Pool Goes Underground

What do you get when you cross an above ground pool with an in ground pool? An inexpensive, attractive, and super fun way to spend the summer months (and beyond). I just learned how much it costs to have an in ground pool installed in the back yard. Yikes! I don’t know about you, but I don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spare on a luxury item like a backyard in ground swimming pool. But I do think I could swing the cost of an above ground pool, which is a fraction of the cost.

Traditionally not the most attractive piece of backyard decor, the above ground swimming pool has come a long way in terms of looks. For example, oval shaped above ground pools can now be installed without the use of buttresses, which are unattractive and take up a good deal of yard space. Additionally, the walls of above ground pools are specially coated — not only to resist corrosion, scratching, and UV rays — but to offer the consumer a variety of attractive colors and designs. When you add features like pool decks and creative landscaping, today’s backyard above ground pool feels like a luxury get away.

So, where does the underground element come into play when we talk about above ground pools? If decorative walls, pool decks, and beautiful landscaping still don’t make the addition of an above ground pool in your backyard an attractive option, then why not install the above ground pool into the ground like you would an in ground pool? Impossible? No. The superior construction and corrosion resistance of some above ground pools allow them to be installed as semi-in ground and even mostly in ground pools. By installing an above ground pool underground, so to speak, you can have the look of an in ground pool without the cost of an in ground pool. Beauty and affordability together!