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Cedar Storage Sheds, Garden Sheds and Pool Sheds

Cabana Storage and Pool Shed

Multiple Features Offer Beauty and Versatility

Outdoor storage sheds are an essential accessory for today’s homes. Whether you wish to store yard tools, gardening supplies, or pool chemicals, outdoor storage sheds (also known as garden sheds) provide additional space for your outdoor equipment, making it much easier to access and freeing up your garage for vehicles, bicycles, and the spare refrigerator. Traditionally, though, outdoor storage sheds and garden sheds have been made of metal, vinyl, or plastic, and they are often less than attractive. As a result, sheds tend to be tucked away in some dark and hidden corner of the yard, away from direct view. Wood sheds, on the other hand, specifically cedar wood sheds, bring a natural and beautiful appearance to the backyard. Thanks to the durability and versatility that cedar wood sheds and garden sheds offer, using the shed for more than just storage is an attractive option for creative home owners.

Why cedar? Cedar is an all-weather wood that can withstand decades of harsh weather conditions, including icy winters, wet springs, and hot, sunny summers. It can be stained or painted to complement your existing home decor, and it is naturally resistant to mildew, rot, and insects, making it virtually worry-free. As an added bonus, cedar looks beautiful and smells fantastic. Because of these benefits, cedar is a natural choice for outdoor storage sheds.

Cedar wood sheds and garden sheds come with a variety of features that allow you to choose the structure that best fits your needs. Some of these features include:

  • Windows that actually open: Fresh air can easily circulate throughout garden sheds, keeping the interior space comfortable;
  • Window boxes: Filled with colorful flowers and plants, window boxes enhance the exterior beauty of garden sheds;
  • Dutch doors: Close the bottom half of the door and open on the top for additional air and light;
  • Double doors: Storing large or awkward pieces of equipment is much easier;
  • Decorative door hinges and hardware: Dress up the appearance of garden sheds even further;
  • Porches: Turn the entrance of garden sheds into a welcoming spot to relax or share a conversation;
  • Greenhouse windows: Create gardens inside the garden shed.

With so many features available, cedar wood sheds can easily serve as more than just a place to store the lawnmower. Cedar wood sheds and garden sheds can become a comfortable work space where you can plan your garden or engage in your favorite hobbies; a greenhouse where you can extend your growing season and store your gardening supplies; a playhouse where the kids or grand kids can explore their imaginations; or even a cozy backyard get-away where you can retreat when you need to unwind.

Cedar wood sheds offer so many possibilities that metal, vinyl, or plastic sheds simply cannot. Cedar brings natural beauty and durability to outdoor storage sheds, allowing them to become an attractive focal point in your backyard rather than an eyesore to be hidden from view.

Pool Storage Solutions for Fall and Winter

Cedar Storage Shed for Pool Equipment

Store your pool equipment in a Storage Shed

Very soon, it will be time to close your pool for the season. You are probably already stocking up on pool chemicals, covers, and closing accessories. Another important closing season consideration – Where will you store your supplies? Pool floats, chemicals, and other pool accessories need a home for the off season. Below are several options that you can use to organize your pool area and have everything ready for next spring.

  • Raft, Float, and Towel Caddy – This handy tool is perfect for the storage of pool toys and floats. It is made of sturdy PVC and can be put together in minutes. It is great for rafts, “noodles”, toys, etc.
  • Pool Pantry – This organizer is so compact and efficient that you will wonder how you survived without it. It is lightweight and sturdy. It comes with a cover and accessory bag and holds multiple floats.
  • Pool Deck Box – Made of durable resins, this storage box will endure many seasons as it keeps your pool gear dry and out of the sun. Great for pool toys, chemicals, hoses, or even patio cushions in the fall. It eliminates clutter and features wheels for easy moving.
  • Looking for something bigger? A cedar storage shed is the solution. It will create the perfect pool side cabana to store everything! Floats, chemicals, cleaning equipment, and more can be tucked away safe, secure, and dry until next spring.

Solar Saddle Is an Affordable and Effective Alternative to Solar Reels

Solar Saddle Solar Pool Cover Storage

Removing and storing a solar pool cover each time you wish to use your above ground swimming pool can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t have a partner handy who can help you with the process.  Solar cover reels are a standard option for easy cover removal and storage by one person, but reels are often very expensive.  A simpler solution is the Solar Saddle, which is a much more affordable product that installs easily and works like a charm.

Using the Solar Saddle is easy.  To remove and store your cover, you simply pull the cover off of the pool from poolside, just like you would pull a sheet off from the end of your bed.  The cover lays in the Solar Saddle’s holders, folded accordion style.  Now your cover is stored.  To put the cover on, just reverse the process.

Simple, elegant, affordable — the Solar Saddle is a smart solution for above ground swimming pools.

This Year’s Goal: A Clutter-Free Pool

The Pool Pantry

For many homeowners, the start of swimming pool season is at hand.  But, it’s also the start of a season full of clutter and mess around the pool.  Pool floats, pool toys, life vests, and towels can often be found strewn around the pool deck — flung over chairs, floating in the pool, sunk to the bottom of the pool…

Keeping pool gear neat and tidy doesn’t have to be a chore when you have a pool organizing station to help.  The Pool Pantry is one such organizer.  The space-saving Pool Pantry keeps floats, toys, and other pool accessories neatly contained so that the pool area remains uncluttered and easy to navigate.  When properly stored, pool accessories last longer, too.

With everyone’s help, maintaining a clean and clutter-free pool area is possible.  A smart solution like the Pool Pantry makes cleaning up fun and easy.

Bobbing for Snacks in the Swimming Pool

Big Bobber Floating Cooler

The weather is gradually warming, and the time is right to start planning for long summer days spent playing and relaxing in the backyard swimming pool.  Staying hydrated and refreshed while outside will give you the energy to stay out for as long as you wish.  The key is to drink plenty of water and other fluids and to have healthy munchies at hand.  Apples, grapes, and carrot sticks are excellent choices for outdoor summer snacks.

Keeping all of your refreshments cool and crisp is simply a matter of having a cooler filled with ice siFloating Coolertting poolside.  An even more convenient place to store drinks and snacks, though, is directly in the pool water.  The handy and playful Big Bobber Floating Cooler keeps your refreshments within arm’s reach — you never need to leave the pool to fetch a soda or a snack.  This floating cooler is less cumbersome than standard coolers, and it’s versatile, too.  You can take it out of the pool and with you on your next camping trip or picnic in the park.

The fun and functional Big Bobber Floating Cooler makes it easy to stay outside longer on warm summer days.  Pack plenty of drinks and snacks to keep you going — this cooler lets you keep them close at hand, whether you’re in the pool or on an outdoor adventure with the family.