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Unbeatable Pool Gift Is Practical, Fun, and Inexpensive

Remote Control Pool Skimmer

Some would argue that the best gifts are practical gifts that serve a purpose and make the life of the recipient a little bit easier.  But, there’s no rule that states that practical gifts can’t also be fun.  Choosing a practical gift for your favorite pool owner that is not only fun but also inexpensive would be even better. 

Remote control pool skimmers, for example, make practical and fun gifts that are also quite inexpensive. Pool skimmers aid in pool maintenance by skimming the surface of the water and picking up floating leaves and other debris. Remote control pool skimmers make this necessary job more fun. Kids and adults enjoy steering the skimmer around the pool, and surface cleaning becomes less of a chore.

A Favorite Gift Idea for Pool Owners

Gifts for the Pool Owner

It’s just about time to think about holiday shopping, and there’s probably no shortage of ideas on your favorite pool owner’s wish list.  One of the ultimate gifts for pool owners is both practical and often highly desired — the robotic pool cleaner.  Robotic pool cleaners often rank toward the top of the wish list, but they are a little more expensive.  As a result, pool owners tend to use their money for more pressing needs.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner in ActionWhy are robotic pool cleaners such a hot item? Cleaning a swimming pool is an ongoing task, and one that is not always a favorite, so finding the easiest and least time consuming method possible is a big deal.  Robotic pool cleaners offer a solution. They can clean the sides and bottom of a pool automatically, and they “remember” the size and shape of the pool so that cleaning is always performed thoroughly and efficiently. Robotic pool cleaners save pool owners enormous amounts of time and energy, and what better gift could there be than one that gives back on a consistent basis?

Give Dad a Gift That Really Sucks (Dirt, That Is)

Dad Needs a Robotic Pool Cleaner

What’s the absolute worst job when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool?  Ask one hundred pool-owning Dads this question, and you’re sure to hear “cleaning the darn thing” as the top answer.  Yes, owning a pool is sheer luxury and fun… when you don’t have to do the regular job of scrubbing and vacuuming to keep the dirt and debris under control.  This job, unfortunately, usually falls onto Dad’s shoulders.

Robotic Pool CleanersLuckily, you can dazzle a pool-cleaning Dad (your own or someone else’s) with the gift of a Robotic Pool Cleaner, which does all the cleaning by itself.  Robotic pool cleaners scrub and vacuum just about every inch of a swimming pool without much guidance or effort by Dad.  He can just sit back and sip a cool drink while the pool cleaner does its thing.  Paradise!

The best gift to give any Dad is the gift of relaxation.  Offer him a double-whammy of a gift that lets him relax while the work gets done, and Dad can enjoy the best Father’s Day ever.  Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

Throw Easy Summer Pool Parties with Pool Games

Summer birthdays and holidays make perfect opportunities to entertain friends and family in the backyard swimming pool.  The pool is the only entertainment needed, so be sure to have plenty of pool toys and games available.  Two favorites among kids and adults alike are the Water Arcade Pool Float and the 3 in 1 Pool Game Set.

Reminiscent of carnival-style water shooting games, the Water Arcade Pool Float challenges three players at a time to a ball-squirting water race.   Thanks to the constant-supply water squirters that come with the float, kids will never run out of water during the race.  Water is supplied directly from the pool.

The 3 in 1 Pool Game Set combines ladder ball, ring toss, and bag toss games in one unit.  These popular pool party games can be played in the pool or at poolside.  Adults and kids can have fun demonstrating their skills or playing for prizes.

When you have a backyard swimming pool, summer birthday parties and holiday celebrations are a snap to host.  Toss in some fun and unique pool games, and you’ll easily keep the crowd entertained.

   Arcade Shooter Pool Float

Unique Gift Idea Will Have Your Children “Floating”!

Swan FloatWater Taxi FloatWater Wheel Float

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for your children, why not give them something to brighten up the dreary winter and help them look forward to next summer? Unique pool floats for children are a great alternative to run of the mill presents. There are so many amazing options. You can choose a gigantic white swan or a floating multi-person water taxi. There are interactive floating games, like an Arcade Shooter pool float or the dizzying Water Wheel. Floats are available to hold one child or several, making them fun for the entire family. Your children will get to appreciate your gift all summer long!