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Small Decorating Ideas That Make a Big Impact around your Pool

Pool Side Planter, Trash Receptacle

Pool Side Planter, Trash Receptacle

Decorating Ideas on a Budget Using Paint, Plants, and Outdoor Rugs

Small decorating ideas can make redecorating a room very inexpensive. Before you dip into your savings, though, consider making a few smaller and less expensive changes first. You may find that a couple of small, but meaningful, changes to a room can give you the update you’ve been seeking.


There’s a reason why decorators and designers often suggest paint as a first step in redecorating. A fresh coat of pool paint, especially when it is a different color, can make a dramatic statement in a room. Changing the wall color of a room changes the mood and the way light is diffused throughout the room. Taking a dark room, for example, and making it lighter through the application of paint can make that room feel larger, fresher, and more serene. On the other hand, applying a darker hue to light-colored walls can add drama and a sense of romance to a room. To keep costs down, choose a color that is already present in the room and that will coordinate with your existing decor. Use fabrics or accent pieces in the room as inspiration for color choices.


Another easy and inexpensive change that can be made to any room is to add plants. Whether living or artificial, plants bring warmth and natural beauty to indoor spaces. They make a lush and visually appealing addition to areas that can be challenging to decorate, such as ledges, shelves, and empty corners. For best effect, choose pots or baskets for your plants that coordinate with the style of the room.

Area Rugs

The floor may be one of the most neglected areas when it comes to decorating. Adding an area rug to the floor has just as much impact on a room, though, as adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Area rugs define a space more effectively than furniture alone, and they help tie together the various elements in a room to make it feel like a unified whole.

Consider using an outdoor rug for your indoor redecorating. Outdoor rugs are an ideal choice to use as indoor area rugs, especially in high traffic areas of the home. Outdoor rugs are made with durable materials that can stand up to all kinds of abuse, but they are just as beautiful and soft to the touch as traditional indoor rugs. They are much easier to clean than indoor rugs, which gives them yet another advantage over standard indoor area rugs.

Updating your home doesn’t always require spending loads of money. A decorating ideas and small changes, like paint, plants, and outdoor rugs, may be all that is necessary to freshen a room and give it new life.


Let Us Help You Choose The Perfect Salt Chlorine Generator for You!

Salt Chlorine Generator
Salt water chlorinated pools offer many benefits over traditional chemicals. You will notice less irritation to hair, skin, eyes, and lungs with the gentle water of salt chlorine systems. BYCP currently offer two models. The guide below will help you determine which salt chlorine generator is right for you!

  • Aqua Rite Generator – The Aqua Rite system is fully automatic. It will work on plastic, vinyl, or fiberglass pools up to 40,000 gallons. It offers dual voltage. The LCD screen will track your chlorine output at the push of a button. You can increase or decrease your chlorine levels easily and there is even a button to automatically “shock” your pool with no added effort. The unit is easily installed on your pool’s return line, after the filter and heater. This generator offer a limited 3 year warranty.
  • Zodiac LM3 Generator – The Zodiac LM3 keeps your pool at a constant chlorine level. It offer self cleaning unit which frequently reverses polarity, practically eliminating calcium buildup on the cell. It has clear housing for super easy inspection. The touch panel controls have a memory feature that make setting it easy and a super chlorination feature for “shocking” the pool. The Zodiac is available for pools up to 40,000 gallons. It comes with a 3 year warranty on the cell and 1 year on parts and labor

My new favorite lounge chair!

Lounging poolside is one of my favorite activities to do when the water is still a little cold to swim, but the sun is warm and inviting. One issue that I have always had to deal with is having to stop reading a book in which I am actively engaged to turn over to my stomach. Afterall, no one wants a tan on one half of their body! I recently found the perfect solution. The Ergo Lounger is an incredibly advanced beach and lounge chair that has a face-down hole for reading that also works as a ponytail hole while laying on your back. As an added benefit, the chair provides a gentle stretch to your neck and back, make it a therapeutic way to relax outdoors. It is light (12 lbs.), easy to carry, and wheel chair accessible, making it perfect for anyone. I will never settle for a boring, limited use lounge chair again!

How to Make Pool Cleaning a Thing of the Past

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Most people would probably say that they’d love to have a swimming pool in their backyard, but many decide not to because they feel the maintenance that goes along with a swimming pool is too much to handle.  In the past, cleaning a swimming pool had been a time consuming activity, unless we could afford a pool service company to do the work for us.  These days, though, pool owners can rely on modern technology to do the dirty task of cleaning the pool.

Robotic pool cleaners bring together computer technology and robotic innovation to create an automatic pool cleaner that cannot be beat.   Once a robotic pool cleaner is placed in the pool and turned on, it will independently vacuum up all the debris, dirt, and algae it comes in contact with on the pool’s bottom, walls, and steps.  Robotic pool cleaners even work around drains and ladders.

The most current models of robotic pool cleaners are designed to detect the size and the shape of your swimming pool.  They “remember” this information, which ensures that each pool cleaning is consistent, thorough, and effective.  Additionally, many robotic cleaners have self-programming software that automatically scans and calculates the most effective pattern of cleaning that is required.

Even though robotic pool cleaners carry a higher price tag than most other automatic pool cleaners, pool owners who have them believe the initial investment is worth the amount of time and energy saved as a result of using a robotic pool cleaner.  Thanks to robotic pool cleaners, people can spend more time enjoying the pool rather than cleaning it.

How to Make 2012 the Year of the Energy Efficient Pool — Part 3 of 4

Sometimes, the most simple of devices can increase energy-efficiency.  Replace your incandescent light bulbs with CFL bulbs, for example, and the energy savings happen automatically.  When it comes to swimming pools, one simple and inexpensive device that can decrease the amount of energy used and dollars wasted is the pool filter timer, the 3rd recommendation in my series of four on how to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient in 2012.

3. Pool Filter Timer

A third way to save energy is to use a Pool Filter Timer. Automating a pool’s filter operation pays for itself in energy savings within the first couple of months. Except during times of heavy use, most swimming pools only need to filter 12 hours per day. Pool filter timers can save you money on electricity and chemicals. Look for a pool filter timer that is weather proof, durable, and has multiple settings to give you ultimate control.

It’s the simple solutions, like this one, that can be the easiest ones to adopt first.  On your journey to greater energy-efficiency and money savings, the pool filter timer is a good place to start.  Once you start seeing your energy bills decrease, you can take on one or more of the other three recommendations in this series — Solar Pool Covers, Solar Pool Heaters, or the subject of my next post…coming soon.

Pool Filter Timers