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Tips to make your Swimming Pool Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient Swimming Pools

Solar Heating for Energy Efficient Swimming Pools

How to Have an Environmentally Friendly, Energy Efficient Swimming Pool

“Going Green” means learning techniques and engaging in practices that translate into more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible results.  Going Green helps protect the environment and maintains its natural resources for current and future generations. Many people would agree that caring for the environment is our responsibility as consumers of it.  When it comes to owning a backyard swimming pool, we can make a big difference to reduce the amount of energy lost so that we can be environmentally responsible while, at the same time, enjoying the luxury of swimming and entertaining at home.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, backyard swimming pools lose energy in a number of ways, but evaporation is the most significant source of energy loss. In fact, 70% of energy loss in swimming pools can be attributed to evaporation.  Evaporating water requires tremendous amounts of energy. It only takes 1 BTU (British Thermal Unit) to increase the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree, but each pound of 80 degree F water that evaporates takes an enormous 1,048 BTUs of heat out of the pool.

The evaporation rate from a backyard pool depends on the pool’s temperature, on air temperature and humidity, and on the wind speed at the pool’s surface. The higher the temperature of the pool, the higher the wind speed, and the lower the humidity, the greater the rate of evaporation. If you live in a windy area, you can add a windbreak, such as trees, shrubs, or a fence, to decrease evaporation. The windbreak should be high enough and near enough to the pool so that it doesn’t create turbulence over the pool, which will increase evaporation. You also don’t want the windbreak to block the sun from the pool; the sun helps to heat the pool and keeps it warm over time.

Creating an environmentally friendly swimming pool that is energy efficient is easy to do. This article will address four easy ways to accomplish this.

1. Solar Pool Covers

First step to make a swimming pool energy efficient, use Solar Covers, also known as solar blankets, to cover your pool. Solar Pool Covers or Blankets resemble enormous sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles trap heat from the sun and convey the heat to the pool, keeping the water temperature warm and comfortable. The solar cover also helps to trap the water’s heat and prevents heat loss in the cooler air at night or on cooler days. Solar covers float freely on top of a pool without the need for tie-downs or anchors to hold them in place. Solar covers are usually folded and stored or rolled up in a large roll and wheeled out of the way. Solar Blankets are perfect for use in sunny climates because the more heat they can trap, the longer they can extend the swim season. Solar pool covers can increase water temperatures by as much as 10-15 degrees.

Besides offering energy savings, pool covers also do the following:

  • Save water by decreasing the amount of make-up water needed by 30%-50%;
  • Reduce the pool’s consumption of chemicals by 35%-60%;
  • Reduce cleaning time by preventing dirt and other debris from entering the pool.

2. Solar Pool Heater

A second way to create an energy efficient pool is to use a Solar Pool Heater.  Solar heaters provide another way of taking advantage of the sun’s free energy. Solar Heaters are tremendously efficient, cheap to operate, and are the ultimate in environmental friendliness. When combined with a solar pool cover, a Solar Pool Heater will maintain a comfortable water temperature well into the cooler months.

Most solar pool heating systems include the following elements:

  • A solar collector — Pool water is circulated through this device so that it can be heated by the sun;
  • A filter — Debris is removed in the filter before water is pumped through the collector;
  • A pump — Pool water is circulated through the filter and collector and back to the pool thanks to the pump;
  • A flow control valve — Pool water is diverted through the solar collector through this automatic or manual device.

3. Pool Filter Timer

A third way to save energy is to use a Pool Filter Timer.  Automating a pool’s filter operation pays for itself in energy savings within the first couple of months. Except during times of heavy use, most swimming pools only need to filter 12 hours per day. Pool Filter Timers can save you money on electricity and chemicals. Most Pool Filter Timers are  weather proof, durable, and have as many as 50 settings to give you ultimate control.

4. Swimming Pool Pump

The fourth way to increase energy efficiency in your swimming pool is to install and operate a swimming pool pump. You can conserve energy and sustain a comfortable swimming pool temperature by using a smaller, higher efficiency pump and by operating it less frequently. In a study of 120 pools by the Center for Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University, some pool owners saved as much as 75% of their original pumping bill when they used these energy conservation measures.

In summary, there are a variety of ways that we can “Go Green” while we continue to enjoy the luxury of owning a backyard swimming pool.  Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean giving up our beloved pools, it just means being smarter about how we care for and operate them.


US Department of Energy:

  • A Consumer’s Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Shopping for Pool Closing Supplies Online

Shopping online for Pool Winterizing Kits

Shopping online for Pool Winterizing Kits

The world of online shopping is making life easier and more accessible for everyone.  There is so much that you stand to gain from shopping online for the things that you need, including your winterizing and pool closing supplies.  We have a full line of products that you might not find at your local pool store, which you can check out for yourself to get more for your money.  Of course, when you’re shopping with us or for anything else online, you do have to make sure that you know what you’re getting.  The internet can be a great resource if you know how to use it well.

The Perks of Shopping Online 

There are a lot of benefits to shopping online for pool closing supplies.  Your local pool store might have everything that you need, but they’re limited as to how many different options they carry for you.  They might only have one type of  pool cover or chemical kit for winterizing, which doesn’t give you the chance to check out different products and get the best products for your pool.  You can shop online instead and find a full selection of products so that you can truly get what you need.  Not only does online shopping increase your selection, but it also gives you a way to save time and money.

Shopping online is quick and easy.  Plus, you can do it on your own time.  Pool stores are a specialty shop, which means they usually have short hours and are closed during many times when people are available to shop, such as evenings or weekends.  Online pool supplies will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That means if you want to shop for winterizing supplies at 3 in the morning, you can.  Plus, if you need to shop for awhile and come back to it later, that’s totally up to you.

Saving money online is a simple concept.  Because online stores have have to be competitive to all their competitors in a much larger (like all of the USA) targeted area for their products than a small specialty store in your neighborhood.  They will be able to provide you with all of the winterizing tools and supplies that you need at an affordable cost and make it easy for you to get what you want without spending a fortune.  Plus, you can shop around for the best deals, giving you the chance to save even more.  Usually, even when you add in shipping costs, online pool stores have the better deals for all of your winterizing needs.

The Importance of Knowing What You Need

When you’re shopping for winterizing products, it helps if you know what you’re looking for.  If you aren’t sure about all of the supplies that you need because you’re new to pool ownership, you should find a reputable source of information to help you figure out what you have to buy and how to choose the best products.  Online stores are great for this because they can give you a range of information and make sure that you get what you need.  Of course, you do have to make sure that you’re choosing reputable stores that can prove their credibility as a place to shop online for the things that you need.

Just because something exists online, as we all know, doesn’t mean that it’s legitimate.  Companies like ours often have to work twice as hard to educate people and prove our reputation so that we can help our customers because of a few bad apples that are trying to somehow scam people or con them into something that isn’t what they need.  You can check out the rest of our blog to learn more about pool supplies and get help getting all of the supplies that you need for winterizing your pool, no matter what you have in mind.  We have worked hard to build a database of articles for our customers to educate them on pool ownership and care, and we understand the importance of helping you get the facts.    When in doubt, give us a shout!   If you can’t reach the online company via phone/email during their published hours of operation, that should be a good hint as to they being reputable or not.

Learn While You Shop

One of the biggest perks of shopping online, for many pool owners, is that you can learn while you shop.  When you’re in the market for winterizing supplies, you might not really know all that much about the process or why you do it.  There’s a wealth of information that you can find online that will explain all about the process, why it needs to be done, and which products are the best for doing it.  There is a lot that you stand to gain by shopping online, but the information that you get definitely outshines what you’ll learn at your local pool store or superstore, no matter what type of products you’re shopping for.

Are There Downfalls to Shopping Online?

For some people, not having the tactile shopping experience is hard to understand.  They worry that they’re missing something or that they might not get the right supplies because they can’t see them firsthand before they buy.  However, the internet has made shopping online so simple that you should have no trouble getting the winterizing supplies that you need without having to physically see or touch them first.  As long as you know the size of your pool and the type of supplies that you need, you can get it all online without so much as a second thought about what you are buying.

There is always the issue of not shopping with the most reputable pool suppliers, of course, but that’s just the same as shopping in person.  You have to make sure that you choose a store that can give you everything that you need, and that has a reputation that you can trust.  Winterizing your pool is critical to its wellbeing and your wallet, so you need to make sure that you do it right.  You can save time, money, and hassle by shopping online to get the right products for your pool closing, no matter what you might be looking for.  That’s definitely something you should use to your advantage.



Three Reasons to Reconsider Above Ground Swimming Pools

More Homeowners Take a Second Look at Today’s Above Ground Swimming Pools

The popularity of above ground swimming pools has grown in recent years, and many homeowners who may have never before considered owning one are now taking a second look. The reasons for this turn around are numerous, but three major contributors to the rise in popularity of above ground pools include cost, selection, and appearance.


Even before the onset of current economic problems, in ground pools were cost prohibitive for many homeowners. In fact, “sales of new [in ground] pools have fallen nearly 75% from their 2004 peak,” according to research conducted by P.K. Data, Inc. Comparing the cost of purchasing and installing an in ground pool with the cost of purchasing and installing an above ground pool reveals a significant difference.  Above ground pools, in nearly every caseBermuda Above Ground Pool, cost thousands of dollars less, making them a much more affordable option for homeowners, even in today’s tough economic climate.


More than ever, today’s above ground pools are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Round, rectangular, and oval pools give homeowners the freedom and flexibility to choose the most suitable pool for their specific situation. Smaller sizes can accommodate smaller yards, while much larger pools are available for homes where backyard space is not an issue.


The most common critique of above ground pools has always focused on their traditionally unattractive appearance. These pools have come a long way, though, in terms of how they look. The state-of-the-art materials and protective coatings used in the construction of above ground pools prevent the appearance of unsightly rust and other damage caused by harsh weather. Additionally, decorative elements on contemporary pools give homeowners the ability to customize the look of their pool. Design choices can include colors that complement a home’s decor and finishes that resemble weathered stone or other decorative effects. Also, vertical supports are made to either blend into the pool’s design or to add a sophisticated touch to the pool’s appearance. Some pools, for example, feature vertical supports that are reminiscent of the simple and elegant style found in roman Doric columns.

Other ways that homeowners choose to enhance the appearance of above ground pools include adding attractive landscaping features, wooden pool decks, or decorative stone patios.  Some above ground pools, like the Bermuda Above Ground Pool,  are specifically engineered so that they can be installed partially or mostly in the ground, giving them the feel of in ground pools.

Enjoying the luxury of a backyard swimming pool can be a reality for many homeowners who are willing to take another look at above ground pools. Thanks to advanced materials, expanded selections, and attractive designs, above ground pools can finally move beyond the negative images that have plagued them in the past. More homeowners than ever before are finding these pools to be an appealing and affordable alternative to in ground pools.

Tranquil Pool Fountains Help You Relax

Floating Pool Fountain
Use your pool as a place for relaxation and tranquility this summer by adding a relaxing floating pool fountain to your pool. These floating water features will not only create a visually appealing focal point, but the gentle sound of falling water will leave you relaxed. You can sit poolside for hours, enjoying the decorative touch to your pool. Our fountains offer many features, such as adjustable spray height, spinning options, and dazzling lights for night time use.

Also, if you run the fountain at night time, the cool air will drop the temperature of the water.     Great way to cool the pool water when it gets too warm.

Pool Accessories For Summer

Pool Caddy Pool Side Organizer
Check out our selection of pool accessories that will help you start summer off right! We carry all of this, and much more, at BYCP!

  • Pool Alarms, which alert you to large objects breaking the pool’s surface
  • Pool Fountains that add elegance and charm to your pool
  • Maintenance Equipment, such as brushes and nets
  • Pool Lights, for dazzling decoration and function
  • Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers
  • Anti-Entrapment devices which provide safety
  • Pool Signs with safety message, clever reminders, etc.
  • Pool-side organizers