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Alternative Media Helps Your Pool Filter Perfrom Better

Swimming Pool Filter
If you have a sand or DE pool filter, it might be time to change your media. If it has been used for several years and your pool water quality seems to be decreasing, it might be time for new media. Using an alternative filter media is a great way to decrease the amount used and make sure that you are getting the best clean possible

For sand filter users, we offer two varieties of alternative media: Zeolite and VitroClean. Unlike traditional filter grade sand, which filters down to 40 microns, these alternatives each filter down to 3-10 microns. This will give you much more sanitized water. Zebobest brand Zeolite Filter Media offers 10 times great filtration that sand and lasts just as long. It is also a great option because it takes only 50 lbs. of Zeobest for every 100 lbs. of traditional sand that you would need. You can go longer between backwashes and the media is safe and effective. VitroClean is made of recycled, crushed glass. You only have to use 20% of the amount of sand needed for your filter. It lowers the consumption of chlorine and other chemicals and requires less frequent backwashing.

For DE filter users, Zeofiber is your best choice. Three pounds of Zeofiber replaces 25 pounds of DE powder and offers fabulous results, giving you the same level of clean as traditional DE. Also, DE has been shown to be hazardous to the environment, but Zeofiber is a safe and hazard free choice, which is 100% biodegradable.

If you need more info about why alternative filter media is a great option or what would be best for your pool, visit or call!

Pool Cleaners for Every Pool Type

Ploaris Pool Cleaner
If you are looking for a new pool cleaner, Backyardcity Pools has a great collection. We carry the top brands at competitive prices. We have suction side cleaner which use the pool’s own suction, usually from the skimmer, to suck dirt and debris off the bottom of the pool. We also have pressure side cleaners, which use one of the water returns or a secondary booster pump’s return pressure to push the dirt and debris into a bag on the cleaner. These cleaners leave your pool’s skimmer free. Robotic cleaners are another option. These are “smart” cleaners that you program and put in the pool They are virtually maintenance free. We carry cleaners for above ground and in ground pools. We can help you find the exact cleaner that you need.

Heat Your Pool Quickly and Efficiently With Solar Covers

Solar Pool Cover
Solar swimming pool covers are an inexpensive addition to your in or above ground pool that can make a large impact. Using a solar cover will warm your pool up to 15 degrees when used during the day and retain that heat (and stop chemical evaporation) when used at night. They float freely on the water’s surface with no tie downs, etc so they are easy to put on and take off. If you do need extra assistance to get the blanket on or off, solar cover reels are available. Swim earlier, swim longer, and swim more comfortably with a solar cover.

Safety Covers Prevent Drowning in Unattended Summer Pools

Mesh Safety Cover
Have you decided NOT to open your pool this summer? There are many reasons that homeowners might decide to take a break from pool maintenance for a season or two. Perhaps you are leaving your home and traveling for the summer or economic issues have forced you to keep the pool closed for the season. A pool that is unused can be come a potential hazard. Since you are infrequently monitoring the pool, it can be a dangerous liability for local children or animals. If you pool will stay closed this summer, make sure that it is protected with a pool safety cover. Required to hold a minimum of 485 pounds per five square feet, a safety cover provides a solid surface to anyone who may walk into your pool. They are a great way to prevent accidental drowning.

Spring Pool Improvements: Filter Cartridges

Filter Cartridges
One often overlooked area of pool maintenance is cleaning or changing your filter cartridge. If your filter cartridge is obviously and excessively dirty or your pump seems to be running at a higher pressure than normal, it is probably time to clean or replace your cartridge. Remove your cartridge and clean it with a water hose or, for best results, a filter flosser cleaner. If you notice that the pleats are broken or are excessively worn and dirty after cleaning, it is probably time to buy a replacement filter cartridge. Making sure that you purchase the right one can be tricky. If you know your model number, we can find it for you quickly. If not, our website gives detailed measuring instructions to help you determine the model that you need.