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New Year’s Resolutions for Pools

Now that 2011 is coming to a close, have you started thinking about what your New Year’s resolutions will be?  If you own a backyard swimming pool, will any of those resolutions include a plan to open up your pool sooner in 2012 rather than waiting until the swimming season has long begun?

Part of what makes this kind of resolution successful is to start planning early for opening the pool.  Take the time now to check your existing stock of pool chemicals, and keep an eye out for off-season sales so you can nab these necessities at the best prices.

Take a look, too, at your pool equipment to evaluate whether it may be time to replace or upgrade items like the pool pump, pool heater, or pool covers.  Test your pool alarm while you’re at it to be sure that it is still in good working order.

New Year’s resolutions like these can be accomplished easily and with little stress involved, especially if you enlist the help of family members.  Make a short list of tasks you’d like to accomplish in order to get your pool opened in a timely fashion, and stick to it.  Before you know it, the warm weather will return, and you’ll be ready to relax by the poolside instead of scrambling to complete pool-opening tasks.

Relax by the Pool

The Price Is Right on Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool

The popularity of above ground pools has grown in recent years, and many homeowners who may have never before considered owning one are now taking a second look. The reasons for this turn around are numerous, but cost is most certainly a major contributor to the rise in popularity of above ground pools.

Even before the onset of current economic problems, in ground pools were cost prohibitive for many homeowners. In fact, “sales of new [in ground] pools have fallen nearly 75% from their 2004 peak,” according to research conducted by P.K. Data, Inc. Comparing the cost of purchasing and installing an in ground pool with the cost of purchasing and installing an above ground pool reveals a significant difference. Above ground pools, in most cases, cost thousands of dollars less, making them a much more affordable option for homeowners, even in today’s tough economic climate.

To save even more money on a new above ground swimming pool, start looking during the off season when prices are at their lowest.  Pool manufacturers and distributors are more likely to offer better deals when business is slow.

Liquid Solar Blankets: The Maintence Free Heating Method

Liquid Solar Pool Cover
Ready to swim, but your pool still isn’t warm enough? Try a creative solution. Liquid solar blankets are a fun and functional alternative to traditional heating methods. They work by slowly admitting a liquid that traps heat and reduces evaporation. The best part? The liquid is non-toxic and invisible. It does not affect skin, clothes, or pool chemical balance. You won’t even notice that its there. Unlike a traditional solar blanket, it is in use WHILE you are using your pool. 100% safe and works 100% of the time? Can’t beat that!

New Rebates on Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Robo-Kleen Pool Cleaner
The season for pool savings is upon us! People across the country are opening their pools in anticipation of Memorial Day. Last week, we brought you savings on pool cleaners for Polaris in ground robotic cleaners. This week, we want to extend the savings to above ground pool owners. From now through the end of July 2011, you can get an additional $25 rebate on the already discounted Robo-Kleen Above Ground Pool Cleaner. The Robo-Kleen is a fraction of the cost of traditional robotic pool cleaners. It’s self-contained filtration system so it will not clog up your pump and filter. It cleans your pool with no messy hoses to connect and wrestle with. Just drop it in and let it work! Coming in at under $270 already, the current rebate will make this reasonable cleaner more affordable.

Be sure to order before 7-31-2011 to take advantage of this awesome rebate!

Fill Your Pool and Support Your Local Fire Department

Tanker Truck

Looking for an easy way to fill your swimming pool this season and support your local firefighters at the same time?  Creative thinkers in Jackson, New Jersey, developed a unique fundraising idea that would allow homeowners to fill their backyard pools quickly with clean water by paying the local fire department a small fee to do the job. 

For only $200, fire fighters from the Cassville Volunteer Fire Company drive their tanker truck filled with clean water to local residents’ homes.  The $200 buys 7,000 gallons of water, so filling a newly installed pool would cost more, but it’s a win/win situation.  Backyard swimming pools can be filled much more quickly this way, and the fire department raises funds which can be used for necessities like training and equipment.

Community fire departments across the country could certainly benefit from a similar partnership with pool-owning citizens.  The Cassville Volunteer Fire Company and the residents of Jackson, New Jersey, have proven that creative fundraising can work in everyone’s favor.

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