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Minden Master Propane Gas Grill

Minden Outdoor Propane Gas Grill

Minden Gas Grill

Portable Propane Gas Grill

The Minden Master Propane Gas Grill was created to offer an alternative to typical barbeque grilling products. With its many features, this grill outshines comparable propane gas grills. The Minden Master Gas Grill is designed for experienced chefs as well as the novice user. The grill is not bulky, but it packs a powerful punch with 30,000 BTUs of heat and 3 burners.

The full-size Minden Master Gas Grill is designed to fit your outdoor living lifestyle without overwhelming your outdoor space. This grill has taken a “less is more” approach, yielding a superior product.

A standard grill comes with the following

  • Dishwasher-safe condiment tray
    The condiment tray doubles as your extended work surface. The lid lifts to expose a handy tray with recessed areas to store your relishes, barbeque sauce, and even utensils.
  • Dishwasher-safe cutting board
    The cutting board has a unique self healing design. It is made of polypropylene. One side is flush with the grilling surface for general cutting. The other side has a lip around the entire cutting board for cutting meats.
  • Push-button start, no batteries
    The push button electronic ignition starter doesn’t need batteries. It provides a continuous spark for easy lighting.
  • Porcelain-coated heavy gauge steel grate
    Easy-glide, non-obstructive lid.
  • Slide-out propane tank tray
    The slide out propane tank tray makes installation a breeze. *Propane Tank NOT included.*
  • Built-in temperature gauge
    You will never over cook your best steak with this built in temperature gauge. Cook with precise perfection.
  • Assembly Tool
    The grill comes with one tool, the only tool needed to assemble the unit.
  • Warranty
    Minden Grill Company is focused on providing you with the best working, longest lasting propane gas grill. Receive a limited 1-year, end-to-end warranty on all parts. Rather than provide 90 days of warranty on some parts, 1 year on others, and 5 years on the unbreakable portions of the grill, we provide a one-year warranty on ALL parts. This warranty does not apply to parts that have been damaged by the user, nor does it apply to grills that have been damaged due to mishandling. Warranty claims will only be honored for registered owners of the grill.

This power packed grill comes with many accessories as well as four different colors to match any outdoor decor.

The colors that are available are Black, Green, Red and Blue.

Swimming Pool Slides

Swimming Pool Slides

Swimming Pool Slides

In Ground Swimming Pool Slides

Swimming Pool Slides are designed for adults and children of all ages and are made with safety, innovation and fun in mind.  All of these swimming pool slides are designed to be scratch resistant, fade resistant, and are vacuum-formed for strength and durability. We have a variety of pool slides such as the Turbo Twister, G-Force, Typhoon and others slides for the young and young at heart. The G-Force Swimming Pool SlideFor those tired of seeing the same old straight down pool slides available? Well with the G-Force, sliding fun has just taken a 360 Degree Turn! The G-Force slide lets you have water park fun right in your own backyard! Measuring a full 6 feet tall at the seating area, this innovative slide winds you a full spiraling 360 degree circle before splashing you into the pool. The patented “Zoom Flume” splashes up to 35 gallons of water per hour down the slide to insure slip-sliding action. G-FORCE’s steps are built for safety with an extra deep non-skid design. Extra high sidewalls provide added protection.

The G-FORCE boasts rugged, high quality construction throughout, with an impact-resistant body that is extremely strong and durable. The slide comes complete with plumbing for connecting to your pump/filter system, hardware kit, and deck anchors.

Available in attractive summit gray. Weight limit 250 lbs. 3-Year warranty.

The Turbo Twister Pool Slide

The Turbo Twister pool slide will bring the fun of a water park to your own Backyard! The Turbo Twister is over 8 feet high

The Water Delivery System gives you a generous 40 gallons of water per minute. Everyone pops out of the water grinning from ear to ear after a trip down a Turbo Twister pool slide. The Turbo Twister Slide is designed for adults and children over 48″ tall. Because they’ll be so popular with your guests, we make sure all our slides are scratch resistant, fade resistant and vacuum-formed for strength and durability. Every slide is designed for safety, innovation and most of all, fun!

Typhoon Pool Slide

The Typhoon swimming pool  slide was designed for maximum fun while insuring safety for everyone. This big time 7 ft slide delivers thrilling rides into the pool while its deep enclosed ladder with exposed handrails insures safety. Made of study roto-molded resin, Typhoon can accommodate up to a 275 lb adult. To keep you slip sliding and never sticking, the slide’s -Grand Rapids- water delivery system supplies lots of water to the chute. (Up to 40 gal per minute!)

Not only is this slide a blast it is the only slide of its kind that passes the Consumer Product Safety Commissions Safety Standards for pool slides. Typhoon has a small footprint so it won’t take up too much of your deck and it is quick and easy to install. Comes with plumbing kit and deck anchors.

X-Stream 2 Turn Pool Slide

This big slide puts water park excitement in your backyard. This big 6’6″ slide with double curves will insure your family has a blast this season. The patented “Zoom Flume” slashes up to 35 gallons per hour of water down the slide to create slippery heart-pounding excitement. The X-Stream Pool Slide is also built for safety with 5 large non-skid steps and high sidewalls for added protection. The X-Stream slide boasts rugged high quality throughout with a durable resin body that can be easily configured in either a left or right curve. The slide comes complete with plumbing and hardware kit and deck anchors. Available in gray only. Backed by a 3-Year Warranty.

These are just a few of the p0ol slides available today. A lot of the residential pool slides available now are much more like slides you would see at public pools and water parks. Invest in your own pool slide and increase your swimming pool fun. No need to go to a water park bring the water park to your own backyard.

Pool Side Patio Furniture

Pool Side Patio Furniture

Pool Side Patio Furniture

Outdoor Furniture, Pool Side Patio Furniture

High quality Pool Side Patio Furniture is in high demand for its long-lasting durability, easy maintenance, and elegant design.  We are proud to offer several styles of Outdoor Resin Pool Furniture for your poolside needs.

No matter where you live, you can lounge in island style and comfort on a set of our comfortable Pool Furniture.  Create your own personal backyard tropical paradise when you choose a high quality, weather resistant settee, a pair of arm chairs, an ottoman, or a coffee table.  Resin wicker pool furniture has all the character and comfort of natural wicker, but at a portion of the cost, so you can choose as many or as few pieces as you wish to complement your style and the space available by your pool.  We offer many different finishes and fabrics for a unique look. Manufacturer’s such as Tortuga, Open Air Lifestyles, International Home, Polywood and Beachfront offer a variety of furniture; recycled, resin wicker, aluminum and resin.

Recycled Pool Side Patio Furniture is well known for its exceptionally durable construction.  Beachfront Furniture is not only durable, but it is environmentally friendly.  The furniture pieces are made of plastic that is 90% recycled, and is never made with new petroleum.  The Beachfront Furniture Collection allows you to savor  your time in the environment while assuring you that you are also helping to save it.  Explore the collection and choose from the many quality selections that will be yours to enjoy for many years to come.

Polywood Recycled Pool Side Furniture is made from brand synthetic dimensional lumber is formed from High Density  Polyethylene (HDPE), UV-inhibited pigment systems, foaming  compounds, and selected process additives. The HDPE primary raw material is derived from post-consumer bottle waste, such as milk and detergent bottles or other HDPE post industrial material. This material is cleaned by a  decontamination process to a high purity level, which removes contaminants such as food residue, paper, and adhesives. It is then compounded into a rigid board stock material; with the resulting finished product containing over 90% recycled plastic by weight. also offers many styles and price ranges for Resin Wicker Furniture. Resin Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture is well known for its exceptionally durable polyethylene construction.  The resin wicker is woven over a sturdy aluminum frame and requires minimal maintenance.  This outdoor furniture resists most weather conditions including harmful UV rays, weathering, aging, and moisture.  In addition, you will never again worry about having to take your furniture inside for the winter.  And best of all, dirt and spills are so easy to clean – simply spray them away with a water hose. You could also enjoy an evening of outdoor dining by the pool with one of our Resin Wicker Dining Sets

In general, high quality molded resin and resin wicker pool furniture have many advantages over pool furniture made from other materials.  They are both good-looking, durable, able to withstand all kinds of pool side abuses, and easy to clean and maintain.  It’s hard to deny the value of high-quality furniture for your pool when compared to its cheaper, flimsier, and significantly shorter-lived competition.


Maintaining Your Safety Pool Cover

Safety Pool Cover Maintenance

Maintaining Your Safety Pool Cover

Tips for Maintaining Your Safety Pool Cover

Unlike solar covers, leaf nets, or winter covers, safety pool covers are designed to provide a protective barrier over the swimming pool to prevent people and animals from accidental submersion and drowning.  No other type of cover can be called a safety pool cover.  In fact, a pool cover must be able to hold at least 485 pounds of weight per 5 square feet to be considered a safety cover, according to standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM standard F1346-91).

To ensure that a safety pool cover can adequately perform its intended purpose, though, it must be inspected and cared for on a regular basis so that it stays in top condition.  Here are some easy-to-follow maintenance tips:

1. Secure springs very tightly when first installing the safety cover.  Over time, tension eases as the cover relaxes.

2. When removing the cover from the pool, fan fold it before storing it away.  The fan fold makes the process of replacing the cover much easier.

3. Store your safety cover in the storage bag when it’s not being used, and hang the bag off the floor to allow water to drain.

4. Each time you place the safety cover over the pool, make sure it lies completely flat against the pool deck.  There should be no spaces or gaps through which a child or pet could squeeze and enter the water.

5. Hose out any dirt or debris in anchor casings on the pool deck several times each season to prevent sticking.

6. Hose off any debris from the cover while it is installed over the pool.

7. Cleaning the mesh debris screen in a solid safety cover — Remove the cover from the pool.  Then, open the mesh screen, fold it back on top of the safety cover, and use a hose to rinse the screen from behind.  Close the panel and store your cover away until it’s time to place it back onto the pool.

8. Use a cover pump regularly to remove excess accumulated water from the surface of a solid safety cover that doesn’t have a debris screen.

9. Patch small holes in your safety cover right away using an appropriate safety cover patch kit.

10. Large holes that cannot be patched make the cover unsafe and unusable.  A new safety cover is recommended.

Taking the time to regularly inspect and maintain your swimming pool’s safety cover is an essential step in helping to prevent submersion and drowning accidents.  A safety cover can only be relied upon if it is kept in proper condition.




Water Fountains & Waterfalls

Water Fountains and Waterfalls

Water Fountains and Waterfalls

A Multi-Sensory Approach to Reducing Stress & the Negative Effects of Everyday Noises with Waterfalls and Water Fountains

Here’s an experiment. Take note of your stress and energy levels following one day spent doing what you normally do in a day, and then compare that to the stress and energy levels you experience at the end of a day spent in nature. The chances are favorable that you end your day in nature with less stress and more energy than you feel at the end of a typical day of work, school, errands, and other miscellaneous tasks. While the results of this experiment may seem obvious, you may be surprised to learn that much of our stress and lack of energy as a society comes from the very fact that we are constantly surrounded by noise.

From the moment we wake to the moment we fall asleep at night, our ears and brains are required to deal with a multitude of low frequency sounds that drain the brain of energy and cause stress. Low frequency noises include the ever-present hum of household appliances, the drone of the computer and fluorescent lights, and the din of traffic, large machinery, aircraft, and other everyday technologies. According to a January 2007 Consumer Reports: On Health article titled “Shhh! Everyday noise can be harmful,” stress and lack of energy are only two of the negative effects that everyday noises can have on our bodies. In addition, everyday noises have been shown to contribute to sleep problems, lack of motivation, lower efficiency levels, decreased creativity, poor mood, and increased heart attack risk.

Counteracting the Negative Effects of Everyday Noises Noise may not be the sole cause of the stress and other health issues we experience, but it is most certainly one source. The good news is that we can reduce, and even reverse, the negative effects that noise has on our brains and bodies through regular exposure to the higher frequency sounds found in nature.

Spending a day, or even part of a day, in nature provides our bodies and brains with a much needed relief from stress. Unfortunately, going out to nature on a daily basis is not always an option, so bringing nature sounds into your home or backyard is the practical solution. Listening to sound machines and audio recordings that feature babbling brooks, ocean waves, rain showers, bird songs, and other natural sounds is one option. These items are plentiful and easy to find at many retailers. However, home water fountains and waterfalls are often a preferred source for nature sounds because they offer a multi-sensory stress-relieving experience that sound machines and audio recordings are unable to provide.

The Benefits of Water Fountains and Waterfalls Water fountains and waterfalls — which come in tabletop, wall mounted, and free standing varieties — bring the soothing sounds of flowing water into the home or backyard, but they also bring a visual element. Not only are water fountains and waterfalls beautifully designed and able to complement just about any existing home decor, the water itself lends another dimension of stress relief to the equation. Watching the dance and trickle of water as it flows across rocks, down textured surfaces, in your pool or into a basin at the bottom of the waterfall enhances our auditory experience. When we listen to sound machines or audio recordings of nature sounds, we may feel the need to close our eyes to block out visual distractions around us that take our minds away from the goal of relaxation. In contrast, the visual attributes of water fountains and waterfalls bring us closer to that goal by giving us something beautiful and elemental to focus on with our eyes as we listen with our ears.

In addition, the water that flows in a water fountain or waterfall never sounds exactly the same from one moment to the next. This dynamic quality keeps our listening experience from growing monotonous or predictable, which can easily happen if we listen to sound machines or audio recordings regularly. We can also choose to dramatically change the “song” of the water in our water fountain or waterfall simply by rearranging rocks or other features in the basin or by adding a new element — such as a seashell, leaf, or small piece of wood — along the water’s path. We can even place our own fingers in the water’s flow to change the sound of the water as it moves; feeling the water stream across our skin would bring yet another sensory element to our experience.

The Soothing Nature of Water Because water is an integral part of our world and our bodies, it has an innate ability to soothe. We are instinctively drawn to the sound of water, and we are mesmerized by its gentle flow. Spending time near water — listening, watching, touching — allows us to breathe more slowly and to break the cycle of stress we experience each day. Bringing a water fountain or waterfall into our home environment, whether it is a small tabletop version or a larger wall mounted or free standing version, gives us the luxury of regular access to real water, as opposed to pre-recorded water sounds. Water fountains and waterfalls provide us with a multi-sensory relaxation experience that may not only lower our stress levels, but improve our sleep and our moods, increase our motivation and efficiency, and even lower our risk for heart attack.