Make Entrapment Hazards A Thing Of The Past!

Anit-Entrapment Drain CoversAnti-Entrapment System

Pool safety should be of the utmost concern for any pool owner. In addition to pool alarms, fences, and pool safety covers, anti-entrapment systems and drain covers are very important steps in protecting your friends and family in your pool. Drains can be very dangerous in pools if they are not handled properly. Because traditional drains lay flat, any object or body part that covers that drain can become trapped by a powerful suction from which escape is difficult, and sometimes impossible. Thanks to the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007, all public pools are required to take anti-entrapment measures to ensure pool safety. This law does not apply to private and personal pools and unfortunately accidents still occur. You can ensure that your pool is safe by installing anti-entrapment pool drain covers or a vacless anti-entrapment system.

Anti-entrapment drain covers are not flat, but domed. This prevents objects or bodies from completely covering the drain and creating a dangerous suction. They offer an inexpensive and simple solution to prevent drain related accidents. To extend your protection further, vacless anti-entrapment systems automatically allow air into the pump in the event of an abnormally high vacuum suction (such as child pulled down on the mail drain). This air will then cause the pump to lose its prime, preventing any chance of entrapment.  Both anti-entrapment measures are very easy to install and you will rest easy knowing that you have taken great measures to ensure that your pool is entrapment hazard free!

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