Cedar Storage Sheds, Garden Sheds and Pool Sheds

Cabana Storage and Pool Shed

Multiple Features Offer Beauty and Versatility

Outdoor storage sheds are an essential accessory for today’s homes. Whether you wish to store yard tools, gardening supplies, or pool chemicals, outdoor storage sheds (also known as garden sheds) provide additional space for your outdoor equipment, making it much easier to access and freeing up your garage for vehicles, bicycles, and the spare refrigerator. Traditionally, though, outdoor storage sheds and garden sheds have been made of metal, vinyl, or plastic, and they are often less than attractive. As a result, sheds tend to be tucked away in some dark and hidden corner of the yard, away from direct view. Wood sheds, on the other hand, specifically cedar wood sheds, bring a natural and beautiful appearance to the backyard. Thanks to the durability and versatility that cedar wood sheds and garden sheds offer, using the shed for more than just storage is an attractive option for creative home owners.

Why cedar? Cedar is an all-weather wood that can withstand decades of harsh weather conditions, including icy winters, wet springs, and hot, sunny summers. It can be stained or painted to complement your existing home decor, and it is naturally resistant to mildew, rot, and insects, making it virtually worry-free. As an added bonus, cedar looks beautiful and smells fantastic. Because of these benefits, cedar is a natural choice for outdoor storage sheds.

Cedar wood sheds and garden sheds come with a variety of features that allow you to choose the structure that best fits your needs. Some of these features include:

  • Windows that actually open: Fresh air can easily circulate throughout garden sheds, keeping the interior space comfortable;
  • Window boxes: Filled with colorful flowers and plants, window boxes enhance the exterior beauty of garden sheds;
  • Dutch doors: Close the bottom half of the door and open on the top for additional air and light;
  • Double doors: Storing large or awkward pieces of equipment is much easier;
  • Decorative door hinges and hardware: Dress up the appearance of garden sheds even further;
  • Porches: Turn the entrance of garden sheds into a welcoming spot to relax or share a conversation;
  • Greenhouse windows: Create gardens inside the garden shed.

With so many features available, cedar wood sheds can easily serve as more than just a place to store the lawnmower. Cedar wood sheds and garden sheds can become a comfortable work space where you can plan your garden or engage in your favorite hobbies; a greenhouse where you can extend your growing season and store your gardening supplies; a playhouse where the kids or grand kids can explore their imaginations; or even a cozy backyard get-away where you can retreat when you need to unwind.

Cedar wood sheds offer so many possibilities that metal, vinyl, or plastic sheds simply cannot. Cedar brings natural beauty and durability to outdoor storage sheds, allowing them to become an attractive focal point in your backyard rather than an eyesore to be hidden from view.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above Ground Swimming Pool

Above Ground Swimming Pool


Affordable Above Ground Swimming Pools

Many people long to spend the sizzling, humid summer afternoons lounging around a refreshing backyard swimming pool, but the charge of putting in a traditional inground swimming pool is often prohibitive. Not everyone can spend a large sum of funds for a backyard swimming pool. Luckily, a economically reachable solution is obtainable. Above ground swimming pools (also known as on ground swimming pools) cost a fraction to purchase, install, and maintain. Admittedly, the appearance of above ground swimming pools has not always appealed to homeowners, but the once lowly above ground pool has gained ground in terms of looks over the years and now serves as a appealing solution in many backyards.

Manufacturers of today’s above ground swimming pools have succeeded in producing materials that combine quality and durability with aesthetic beauty. Above ground pools, which are often constructed of industrial strength steel or aluminum and super strong resin, are specially coated with multiple layers to resist corrosion, scratching, and UV rays, but they are also available in a variety of attractive colors and patterns to suit even those with the utmost discerning preferences.

In addition to choosing an above ground pool with a decorative appearance, a homeowner can further enhance the appearance of an above ground pool by adding a pool deck and surrounding the base of the pool with brillant and varigated landscaping. River rocks, evergreen shrubs, and seasonal blooms are just a few of the landscaping options that allow an above ground pool to blend smoothly into the natural environment.

Homeowners who may still have reservations about installing an above ground pool in their backyards may find comfort in knowing that they can have their cake and eat it, too, so to speak. The first class formation and corrosion resistance of some above ground swimming pools make it possible for them to be installed as semi-inground and even mostly inground pools. Homeowners can achieve the appearance of an inground swimming pool at the undoubtedly more moderate amount of an above ground pool.

Today’s above ground swimming pools offer sturdiness and attractiveness at a practical cost. This winning combination of characteristics makes those long, hot summer days spent lounging around the backyard swimming pool even more refreshing.

Portable Hot Tubs and Spas

Portable Hot Tubs and Spas

Portable Hot Tubs

Portable Hot Tubs and Spas, Affordable Relaxation That Goes Anywhere

One of the most luxurious ways to relax following a long day is to soak in a warm spa or hot tub and enjoy the massaging action of the bubbling water. Hot tubs are already a welcome addition in many backyards, but the cost of purchasing and installing them prevents many homeowners from taking the plunge. Traditional spas generally require a significant financial sacrifice because it’s necessary to pay for more than just the structure itself. Properly preparing the surface underneath and the surrounding location, and ensuring that proper wiring is installed are essential, and expensive, steps one must take when adding a traditional hot tub to the home environment. More often, homeowners are finding that portable hot tubs offer a more affordable alternative. When it comes to surface preparation, size, ease of set up, and wiring requirements, portable hot tubs have the advantage.

Less work is required to prepare the surface on which portable hot tubs and spas will be placed because, generally speaking, they do not often find a permanent home in one spot. Preparing an area for a traditional spa takes real effort and planning. Poured concrete slabs, paver stones, and deck installations are three common options for surfaces. While they may look lovely, they consume a significant amount of space and cost a good deal to install. One of the benefits of portable hot tubs is the very fact that they are portable and can be put up, taken down, and moved around without much effort. That being the case, the only real requirement for the surface underneath a portable structure is that it is somewhat level and smooth — rocks or other debris could damage the bottom. Portable spas and hot tubs can be used on grass, patios, driveways, and even in a garage or basement.

Two more advantages of portable hot tubs and spas are their size and easy set up. They are generally smaller than traditional spas and can fit into tighter spaces. Homeowners wishing to purchase a portable spa are not required to clear a significant area in the yard or on the deck in order to house the structure. Because of their smaller size and clever construction, most set up in only a few minutes — some are inflatable and come equipped with their own inflating device, while others have insulated panels that connect together. Setting up and transporting portable spas is so easy that many owners enjoy taking them along on vacations and even to the homes of friends and family.

One of the most practical advantages of portable hot tubs and spas is their ability to plug into a standard household outlet. Traditional varieties operate on hard wired, GFCI-protected 220-240 volt 50 amp circuits. These circuits should be installed only by a qualified electrician. Portable spas, on the other hand, have a GFCI built into the end of the cord, so they can plug directly into a standard 110-120 volt outlet.

Portable hot tubs and spas offer many advantages over traditional, more permanent ones. No need for surface preparation, smaller size, easy set up, and the ability to use existing household wiring make them an attractive option for homeowners who would love to own a hot tub, but who don’t want the expense or the permanence of traditional structures. One could argue that, because portable spas and hot tubs save homeowners money, they make relaxation time even more rewarding.

Poolside Furniture

Poolside Furniture Patio Furniture

Eucalyptus Poolside Furniture

Eucalyptus Poolside Furniture: The Affordable and Sustainable Choice

Eucalyptus Patio Furniture is growing in popularity as the wood of choice for outdoor patio furniture. In the past, teak reigned supreme over most other choices of wood because of its strength, beauty, and durability, but teak furniture is generally very expensive. Many homeowners are unable or unwilling to spend large sums of money on their outdoor furniture. Eucalyptus furniture offers homeowners a much more affordable alternative that rivals the strength and durability of teak.

Why Choose Eucalyptus?

Eucalyptus trees originated in Australia, but they were first introduced to other parts of the world by the Cook expedition of 1770. In some places, these trees have become an invasive species, but when grown sustainably on plantations, eucalyptus trees can be effectively managed. The desire for environmentally sustainable wood products has made the growing of eucalyptus trees beneficial for many local economies around the world. In the US, eucalyptus trees grow particularly well in the Pacific Northwest, specifically in Oregon, Washington, and portions of British Columbia.

Eucalyptus Patio Furniture is a fast-growing wood with a variety of beautiful grains and colors, depending on the species. Wood patio furniture, as well as other products, constructed from eucalyptus make a rich and warm addition to any surroundings. Additionally, these trees produce an oil with insecticidal properties, making them naturally insect resistant — an ideal quality for any wood product used outside. As a result, treatment of outdoor furniture for this purpose is generally not necessary. Like teak, eucalyptus is extremely durable, easy to care for, and beautiful in appearance. The only significant difference is that eucalyptus furniture is budget-friendly, while teak is not.

Make a Sustainable Choice

Consumers who are looking for eucalyptus patio furniture, or any kind of wood patio furniture, should strongly consider choosing furniture certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is “an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.” When consumers buy wood products certified by the FSC, they can feel confident that the wood used to make these products was grown in an environmentally and economically sustainable way that respects the rights of workers, local inhabitants, and local species. Choosing products that are certified by the FSC helps to support the continuing effort to improve forest management around the world.

Bringing the natural beauty of wood patio furniture to outdoor living spaces in an affordable and ethical way is possible. With fast-growing, highly durable wood sources like eucalyptus, consumers don’t have to bear the burden of spending a good deal of money to buy superior quality outdoor furniture. And, by consciously choosing wood patio furniture certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, consumers can opt out of supporting poorly managed forests and unsustainable practices. Enjoying the best of both worlds — affordability and sustainability — is truly a reality.


Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Lights offer Multiple Options for Safe Swimming

One of the advantages of owning your own backyard swimming pool, whether it be an above ground pool or an in ground pool, is enjoying the freedom of swimming at any time of the day or night. Night time swimming, though, is not safe unless your swimming pool is equipped with pool lights to illuminate the sides and bottom of the swimming pool.* Swimming pool lights come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and shapes, and choosing the right one depends only on the type of pool you have and your own personal tastes.

In ground swimming pool lights are often installed when the pool itself is constructed, but this is not the case for above ground pools. Above ground pool lights must be attached to the pool in one of several ways. Some lights hook over the top of the pool wall, some are mounted to the side of the pool wall, and some are installed directly to your pool’s return line. Each option has its own advantages, but many above ground pool owners prefer lights that hook over the top of the pool wall because this prevents the need to drill holes in the side of the swimming pool and makes the lights easier to remove or adjust.

Another choice to be made when selecting swimming lights is color. White lights are the standard choice, but colors add ambiance and fun to the swimming experience. Some lights offer the best of both worlds — a white bulb and different colored lenses that can be snapped into place as desired. Other lights are able to cycle through a series of different colors for an ever-changing effect.

Some of the most fun and colorful swimming pool lights are floating lights. Floating lights can illuminate both in ground and above ground pools, and they come in a multitude of creative styles. Floating lights that resemble lily pads or graceful jelly fish are just two examples of the unique pool lights available. Some floating lights feature a fountain on the top which sprays colorful streams of water. A favorite choice for pool parties are floating lights whose multiple colors spin and dance underwater like a kaleidoscope.

Having so many choices for swimming pool lights makes the selection process fun, but the choice itself doesn’t matter as much as ensuring that there are some kind of lights installed in your backyard swimming pool. Safety should always be the first consideration.


*Safety Note: Children, even older children who may have strong swimming skills, should never be permitted to swim after dark unless closely supervised by a responsible adult.