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Pool Cleaners for Every Pool Type

Ploaris Pool Cleaner
If you are looking for a new pool cleaner, Backyardcity Pools has a great collection. We carry the top brands at competitive prices. We have suction side cleaner which use the pool’s own suction, usually from the skimmer, to suck dirt and debris off the bottom of the pool. We also have pressure side cleaners, which use one of the water returns or a secondary booster pump’s return pressure to push the dirt and debris into a bag on the cleaner. These cleaners leave your pool’s skimmer free. Robotic cleaners are another option. These are “smart” cleaners that you program and put in the pool They are virtually maintenance free. We carry cleaners for above ground and in ground pools. We can help you find the exact cleaner that you need.

New Rebates on Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Robo-Kleen Pool Cleaner
The season for pool savings is upon us! People across the country are opening their pools in anticipation of Memorial Day. Last week, we brought you savings on pool cleaners for Polaris in ground robotic cleaners. This week, we want to extend the savings to above ground pool owners. From now through the end of July 2011, you can get an additional $25 rebate on the already discounted Robo-Kleen Above Ground Pool Cleaner. The Robo-Kleen is a fraction of the cost of traditional robotic pool cleaners. It’s self-contained filtration system so it will not clog up your pump and filter. It cleans your pool with no messy hoses to connect and wrestle with. Just drop it in and let it work! Coming in at under $270 already, the current rebate will make this reasonable cleaner more affordable.

Be sure to order before 7-31-2011 to take advantage of this awesome rebate!