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Prepare Now for Safe Summer Swimming

Pool Safety

The best time to prepare for a safe swimming season is before the season ever begins.   Two of the most important pieces in the pool safety plan can be accomplished now — swim lessons and CPR certification.

Swim Lessons

Children and adults should not only feel comfortable in the water, they should successfully complete basic swimming and water safety training before entering a swimming pool.  Even better, swimmers should continue with swimming lessons throughout the season and beyond to increase ability and strength.  Your local Y or community center may offer year-round swim lessons.  Alternatively, you can contact your local Red Cross to find locations that offer swim lessons.  

CPR Certification

Even the strongest swimmers can experience accidents in water, so becoming certified in CPR and first aid is the second crucial step you can take now to prepare for a safe swimming season.   Contact your local Red Cross for class offerings.  Be sure to take a refresher course every year because you never know when your life-saving skills will be needed.

When swimming season arrives, the swim lessons you and your family take and the CPR certification you achieve will go far in helping prevent accidental injuries and drownings in and around the swimming pool.  Don’t forget, though, that responsible adult supervision should always be available when children are playing in and near the water.  No preventative measures ever replace proper supervision.