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Ensure Safe Swimming on Your Winter Vacation

Are you planning to take a vacation to an indoor water park over this winter break, or will you be staying at a hotel equipped with a pool?  Did you know that many public swimming facilities are still not in compliance with the 2008 Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act that requires public pools and spas to replace old, outdated, and dangerous drain covers with newer, safer drain covers?

Non-compliant drain covers can cause entrapment of hair, clothing, and body parts, so ensuring that the pool or swimming facility you visit this year has complied with the law is essential before you or your kids jump in.  So, how can you tell if the drain covers in the pool or spa you will be enjoying this season are safe?

Learn more about safety drain covers for pools and spas in this helpful and informative video created by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely campaign.