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Save Swimmingly During Off Season Sales

Off Season Pool

Did you know that the best time to buy pool supplies is during the off season?  Most suppliers experience a dip in sales once the swimming season has ended, so they hope to keep their business going strong through the winter months by lowering prices.  Pool owners can often find everything from basic pool necessities like pool chemicals to upgrades in equipment at significantly lower cost than if they wait until spring or summer to purchase.

Take some time in the next few weeks to make a wish list of pool supplies and equipment upgrades you’ll need for the upcoming season.  Then, compare prices online, and you may be surprised to find that you can save a bundle by buying now rather than later.

The Time Is Now For an Above Ground Pool

Above Ground Pools

Did you know that the best time to purchase an above ground pool and have it installed is in fall and winter?  It’s true, and here are two major reasons why:

Off Season Sales

After summer, many companies who sell above ground pools have big sales on pools and pool supplies.  Some companies simply want to reduce inventory to make room for next year’s new products.  Many companies, though, have sales because business tends to drop off after summer, and keeping prices low means keeping customers around even during the off-season.

You can get an above ground pool and all of the pool supplies and gear you’ll need for much less money now than if you waited until spring or summer.

Lower Installation Costs

Above ground pool installations are more expensive in the spring and summer because that’s generally when homeowners think about having a pool installed.  Pool installers are much more busy in the spring and summer, and their prices and lack of availability reflect the demand.

But, just like companies who sell pools and pool supplies, companies who install pools tend to experience a drop-off in work after the summer months.  To keep work coming in, pool installation companies usually lower their prices in the fall and winter.

By shopping around, you should be able to find a company who is readily available to install your above ground pool for much less money than if you were to wait until spring.

While swimming pools and pool supplies may be the furthest things from our minds in fall and winter, it is actually the best and most affordable time to be thinking about them.   You can save a significant amount of money by planning ahead, and you can look forward to enjoying your new above ground pool as soon as the weather turns warm next spring.

Buy Pool Supplies Off-Season and Save Money

As the weather turns colder, the last thing you may be thinking about is your backyard swimming pool.  You’ve probably already winterized your pool and are focusing on winter activities.  Now, though, is exactly the best time to start thinking about what you’ll need next year when it’s time to open your pool again for the summer.

You can save big money buying home products during off-season times, and pool supplies are no exception.   Do you have your eye on a new pool slide or solar pool cover?  Is it time to replace your pool filter or upgrade to a better quality pool pump?  No matter what you want or need for your swimming pool, it is probably available at a discounted price during the off-season.   Even if you can’t enjoy your backyard swimming pool in winter, you can certainly enjoy saving money on supplies!