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Ergonomic Chair Takes Pain Out of Poolside Lounging

Ergo Lounger Spa Chair

Enjoying a warm and relaxing afternoon lounging by the pool is impossible if you can’t get comfortable.  Unfortunately, not all lounge chairs are created equal.  Reclining fully on a typical lounge chair is uncomfortable, and even downright painful, for many people — especially when positioned face down.  Back pain and neck pain are the result of a lounge chair’s poor body support.

The Ergo Lounger Spa is a therapeutic lounge chair that can be enjoyed poolside or in any outdoor livingFace Pillow area.  The Ergo Lounger offers neck and back support so that your body is supported in any position, whether sitting straight up or fully reclined.  The comfortable head support doubles as a face pillow when you wish to lie face down.  The face pillow has a hole in the center, similar to that on a massage table, so you can enjoy reading or dozing without straining your neck.

The point of a lounge chair is to offer relaxation, but most lounge chairs aren’t designed to properly support the body.  As a result, they don’t provide adequate comfort and can actually exacerbate existing aches and pains.  Finding true relaxation in a lounge chair means finding the right lounge chair.  For many people, the Ergo Lounger Spa chair offers the ideal solution.

Ergo Lounger RS– The Chiropractor Recommended Pool Chair

 Ergo Lounger Spa Face DownErgo Lounger SpaErgo Spa Lounger

Could lounging at the pool get any more relaxing? Surprisingly, it can with the Ergo Lounger RS. This is so much more than a pool lounge! It is designed to provide a gentle stretch to your neck and back while you enjoy reading, tanning, listening to music, or just relaxing. The Ergo Lounger passively stretches vertebrae in order to relieve nerve and disk pressure and is medically endorsed and recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and comes with a built-in pony tail/face hole for maximum comfort. Its 12″ height creates easy access and is wheelchair accessible. It is the perfect height for moving to and from a wheelchair. Now, people with painful back problems, inhibiting neck aches, and even those just looking for a posture supporting pool chair will be able to relax in the sun.