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My new favorite lounge chair!

Lounging poolside is one of my favorite activities to do when the water is still a little cold to swim, but the sun is warm and inviting. One issue that I have always had to deal with is having to stop reading a book in which I am actively engaged to turn over to my stomach. Afterall, no one wants a tan on one half of their body! I recently found the perfect solution. The Ergo Lounger is an incredibly advanced beach and lounge chair that has a face-down hole for reading that also works as a ponytail hole while laying on your back. As an added benefit, the chair provides a gentle stretch to your neck and back, make it a therapeutic way to relax outdoors. It is light (12 lbs.), easy to carry, and wheel chair accessible, making it perfect for anyone. I will never settle for a boring, limited use lounge chair again!