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Fun Pool Floats for Adults

Couch Cooler Float
We have a unique assortment of pool floats designed to help adults have more fun in the pool! Our oversized cooler couch keeps your favorite beverage right at hand by storing them in the cooler in the base of the float. Our Port-O-Pong floating pong table has built in cup holders for a floating game of beverage pong that will create a party in your pool. The Cabana Islander is like having a floating cabana in your pool. It includes a center swim porthole, a boarding platform, and a floating 16 quart cooler. We have multi-person floats for your whole crowd to enjoy. With our large selection of grown-up pool toys, you will be entertained all summer long.

Thoughts of Summer Provoke Pool Float Fancies

Dreaming of Summer

Even though I’m still wearing my winter weather gear, I’m thinking ahead to warmer days when I can soak up the sun at the pool and the beach.  Nothing is more relaxing than floating on calm waters while being bathed by the warm rays of the sun, so finding just the right pool float is a big deal.

Many times, I prefer to float solo, but I like to be prepared with refreshments so I don’t have to leave my comfy lounger every time I need a cool drink.  That’s why I love the Oversized Cooler Couch.  This one-person pool float has a handy built-in cooler that holds ice and drinks.  With two drink holders, this float makes it possible to enjoy soda on one hand and water on the other.  The other advantage of this particular pool float is the position of the reclined back.  It’s not fully reclined, and it’s not completely upright, either.  It’s just right for reading a book or magazine, or for taking a comfortable cat nap.

Oversized Cooler Couch

Sometimes, I feel like floating with a friend…or five.  The Cabana Islander Pool Float is a serious float that can support up to six people.  It has a removable cabana top that can be attached when the sun is too strong, or detached when we want to warm things up.  There’s even a center swim porthole, a boarding platform, and a 16 quart floating cooler that can be tethered to this impressive floating wonder.  When I crave conversation with friends but I don’t want to leave the water, the Cabana Islander delivers.

Cabana Islander Pool Float

Frigid temperatures make summer feel like a distant dream, but until it arrives, my thoughts can be filled with fantasies of floating on the water and basking in the warmth of a bright, summer sun.

Pool Floats to Entertain Kids ALL Summer

While most kids long for summer, it can also become monotonous very quickly. Doing the same time, day in and day out, can become dull after awhile. Even something as fun as a swimming pool loses its appeal over time if it remains the same. Give your child some excitement in the pool this summer with one of these amazing pool floats. Whether for one child or a party full, you can find something that will please. Click on the links below for more information on each great choice! Many more are available at BackyardcityPools.com. Happy summer!

Labyrinth Island Pool Float

Labyrinth Island Float

Swimming Pool SeeSaw Float

See Saw Float

Arcade Shooter Float

Arcade Shooter Pool Float

Boathouse Pool Floats

Water Wheel

Swimming Pool Water Wheel

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot? Relax and Stay Cool with a Pool Lounger

Pool Lounge with Canopy

What’s the number one way to stay cool and relaxed in the swimming pool on hot summer days?  Hopping up and down in the water is certainly cooling, but most people don’t want to do this for extended periods of time.  The other alternative is lounging pool side on the patio furniture.  While this may be comfortable and relaxing, it isn’t particularly cooling.

Pool lounges offer the best of both worlds in that they allow you to stay cool in the pool while stretching out comfortably at the same time.  Some pool lounges come equipped with adjustable canopy tops that give you control over the amount of sun exposure you have.  Some lounges include drink holders and comfort features like head rests, foot rests, and reclining backs.  Finding the ideal pool lounge is simply a matter of knowing which features you desire most.

Achieving that perfect balance of outdoor relaxation and relief from the heat is easy when you have a pool lounge at your fingertips.  Nothing else meets those two needs as effectively.

Pool Floats Offer Possibilities for Backyard Pools

Orca Squirting Pool Float  Croc Attack Squirting Pool Float

One of the many advantages of owning your own backyard swimming pool is having the freedom to use pool toys and floats to your heart’s content.  Most public pools don’t allow the use of toys or floats, which limits the number of ways the pool can be enjoyed.  Even the most creative kids can grow bored with the public pool when games of Marco Polo and underwater tea parties have been exhausted.  Luckily, no such limitations exist at home.

For kids, one of the best additions you can make to your home swimming pool is a pool float with personality. Pool floats come in all shapes and sizes, but the most fun comes with pool floats that double as interactive pool toys.  Once your child hops on the back of an orca whale or wrestles with an inflatable crocodile, he can use the attached water squirter to engage in a playtime water battle with friends.  Water squirters never need to be refilled because the water is supplied directly from the pool.

Keeping pool floats and pool toys on hand for your backyard swimming pool ensures that your kids can enjoy unlimited possibilities during pool time play — possibilities that are rarely available at the local public pool.