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Spring Pool Improvements: Pool Steps and Ladders

Swimming Pool Steps
In today’s second installment of our spring pool improvement series, we will talk about pool steps and ladders. Adding new steps or a new ladder to your pool can definitely add style, but it can do so much more. Replacing these worn parts can also prevent a safety hazard. Old steps and ladders that have been exposed to years of harsh sunlight and chemicals can become brittle, leading to cracks and breaks. This makes their surfaces unstable and prone to accidents. Keep the entrance and exit to your pool safe and attractive. We offer high quality steps and ladders for in ground and above ground pools. They are all classy, practical, and above all safe. Some models even feature added safety features, such as slip up and roll guard protected steps to prevent unauthorized entry into your pool. New steps and ladders are a great way to improve your pool this spring.

Above Ground Pool Ladders That Can Save a Life

Anyone who owns an above ground pool knows that getting into and out of one requires a safe and sturdy pool ladder.  When swimming is over for the day, though, do you remove your pool ladder?  To help prevent access to your above ground pool when a responsible adult is not around to supervise, it’s essential to remove your pool ladder from the pool after each use.  Yes, pool ladders can be heavy and awkward — removing and installing them each time you wish to use the pool is not always convenient.  Fortunately, safe alternatives exist.

Choosing a pool ladder that has safety features built-in is the best way to prevent pool access while also saving you from the hassle of removing the ladder after each day the pool is used.  Here are 3 common options:

1.  Pool ladders that are equipped with locking gates are one option above ground pool owners can choose to prevent pool access.

2.  A ladder that features a unique rolling barrier is another way that above ground pool owners can block access to the pool.

Roll-Guard A-Frame Ladder

3.  A third alternative to standard above ground pool ladders is one whose outer steps can swing into an upright position and be locked into place to keep ladder rungs out of reach.

Eliminator A-Frame Ladder

 While convenience is certainly a benefit of the pool safety ladders shown here, safety is at the heart of their importance.  Sure, you can save your time and your back by not having to haul the ladder out of the water at the end of each swimming day, but you may also save a life simply by ensuring that the safety features are engaged before leaving the pool side.

Summer Pool Safety for Children

Swimming pools are great, but they can also be a hazard. Drowning deaths among children increase significantly during the summer months when children have access to opened swimming pools. Just a few minutes of unsupervised time can lead to disaster. Make sure that you have some (or preferably all) of the following safety features in place. Even if you do not have small children living in your home, you should use these safety devices to ensure the safety of neighborhood children or visitors to your home.

  • Fencing – Most states require that some form of fence enclose your pool to keep children out. Even if your state does not have this law, you should still enclose your pool to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Safety Pool Ladders – There are several kinds of pool ladders that restrict a child’s access to an above ground pool. Some have a locking gate that blocks steps when not in use. Others have a roll guard that is pulled down and works like a garage door to cover the ladder. No matter which kind of safety ladder you choose, they are an outstanding way to prevent children from entering the pool.
  • Pool Alarms – Pool safety alarms do not prevent entry into the pool. They alert you if a child DOES fall into the pool. When something weighing 10-15 pounds or more (minimum weight depends on brand), a high decibel siren is sounded, both at pool level and at a receiver inside the house. You will be alerted instantly, and those precious saved minutes could be the difference between life and death.

Extra Pool Steps and Pool Ladders Are an Advantage

Your in ground or above ground pool may already be equipped with a set of pool steps or a pool ladder, but providing swimmers with an alternate exit and entry point is something to consider.   As a matter of convenience, an extra set of pool steps or an extra pool ladder allows swimmers the freedom to exit the pool easily, even if they are at the other end of the pool from the main exit.  As a matter of safety, the additional set of steps or ladder can serve as a fast way to escape the water should a storm roll in quickly.  The easier it is for swimmers to get in or out of your pool, the better.