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Pool Storage Solutions for Fall and Winter

Cedar Storage Shed for Pool Equipment

Store your pool equipment in a Storage Shed

Very soon, it will be time to close your pool for the season. You are probably already stocking up on pool chemicals, covers, and closing accessories. Another important closing season consideration – Where will you store your supplies? Pool floats, chemicals, and other pool accessories need a home for the off season. Below are several options that you can use to organize your pool area and have everything ready for next spring.

  • Raft, Float, and Towel Caddy – This handy tool is perfect for the storage of pool toys and floats. It is made of sturdy PVC and can be put together in minutes. It is great for rafts, “noodles”, toys, etc.
  • Pool Pantry – This organizer is so compact and efficient that you will wonder how you survived without it. It is lightweight and sturdy. It comes with a cover and accessory bag and holds multiple floats.
  • Pool Deck Box – Made of durable resins, this storage box will endure many seasons as it keeps your pool gear dry and out of the sun. Great for pool toys, chemicals, hoses, or even patio cushions in the fall. It eliminates clutter and features wheels for easy moving.
  • Looking for something bigger? A cedar storage shed is the solution. It will create the perfect pool side cabana to store everything! Floats, chemicals, cleaning equipment, and more can be tucked away safe, secure, and dry until next spring.

This Year’s Goal: A Clutter-Free Pool

The Pool Pantry

For many homeowners, the start of swimming pool season is at hand.  But, it’s also the start of a season full of clutter and mess around the pool.  Pool floats, pool toys, life vests, and towels can often be found strewn around the pool deck — flung over chairs, floating in the pool, sunk to the bottom of the pool…

Keeping pool gear neat and tidy doesn’t have to be a chore when you have a pool organizing station to help.  The Pool Pantry is one such organizer.  The space-saving Pool Pantry keeps floats, toys, and other pool accessories neatly contained so that the pool area remains uncluttered and easy to navigate.  When properly stored, pool accessories last longer, too.

With everyone’s help, maintaining a clean and clutter-free pool area is possible.  A smart solution like the Pool Pantry makes cleaning up fun and easy.