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Make Your Own Backyard Water Park

Crowded Water Park

Indoor and outdoor water parks seem to be in every town these days, and their numbers continue to grow.  Savvy parents know that these “vacation destinations” are rarely worth the expensive admission fee.  Additionally, indoor and outdoor water parks use an excessive amount of chemicals in their water to keep bacteria and germs from hundreds of visitors at bay, which leads to irritated eyes and skin.  Kids love these places, though, so how do parents entice their young ones to stay home and enjoy the swimming pool in their own backyards?

One easy way to make the backyard pool more exciting for kids is to add a pool slide for action packed fun.  Pool slides made for backyard swimming pools don’t reach the dizzying heights of those at the local water park, but there are no lines to wait in, no crowds to wade through, and kids can slide to their heart’s content.  Add a couple of friends to the mix, and families can enjoy full days of free fun at home.

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Create an At-Home Water Park to Save Money and Hassle

Crowded Water Park

Water parks may be fun for kids, but parents often cringe when water park season comes along.  Admission fees, locker rental, food costs, long lines, and that marathon of a walk to and from the car make a day at the water park feel like a wallet-emptying hassle.

More and more, homeowners are choosing to create their own water park in the backyard swimming pool.  The first place most people start is with a water park-worthy slide.  Pool Slides come in all shapes and sizes, but finding the right one for your family is simply a matter of knowing what they like.  Does your family prefer a water slide with twists and turns?  Or, do they like one that shoots them straight down like a rocket into the water?  Once you determine their preferences, selecting a slide should be easy.

At-home water parks are great fun for everyone.  Parents can relax at the poolside without shelling out lots of money for the privilege to do so, and kids can enjoy hours of fun and excitement without having to wait in long lines.  It’s a completely win/win situation.

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