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Pool Accessories For Summer

Pool Caddy Pool Side Organizer
Check out our selection of pool accessories that will help you start summer off right! We carry all of this, and much more, at BYCP!

  • Pool Alarms, which alert you to large objects breaking the pool’s surface
  • Pool Fountains that add elegance and charm to your pool
  • Maintenance Equipment, such as brushes and nets
  • Pool Lights, for dazzling decoration and function
  • Outdoor Clocks and Thermometers
  • Anti-Entrapment devices which provide safety
  • Pool Signs with safety message, clever reminders, etc.
  • Pool-side organizers

Getting Kids Involved in Pool Safety Can Be Fun

Practice Pool Safety

Keeping kids safe around swimming pools means helping them understand what activities and behaviors are acceptable and fun, and which ones are unsafe and to be avoided.  A smart way to prepare for the upcoming swimming season is to take time now to work with kids on pool safety issues.

A fun approach to pool safety can be found with kid-friendly activities on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely website.  The CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign aims to increase pool safety awareness by providing information to families, industry professionals, and state and local officials.

With help from parents, even the youngest tots can start to learn how to stay safe around swimming pools at home and at public facilities.  Adults should never assume, though, that older kids know how to recognize pool dangers.  Making sure kids of all ages understand the dangers that exist around swimming pools will empower them to make the right choices.  And, thanks to the CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign, learning about pool safety can be fun.

Save Swimmingly During Off Season Sales

Off Season Pool

Did you know that the best time to buy pool supplies is during the off season?  Most suppliers experience a dip in sales once the swimming season has ended, so they hope to keep their business going strong through the winter months by lowering prices.  Pool owners can often find everything from basic pool necessities like pool chemicals to upgrades in equipment at significantly lower cost than if they wait until spring or summer to purchase.

Take some time in the next few weeks to make a wish list of pool supplies and equipment upgrades you’ll need for the upcoming season.  Then, compare prices online, and you may be surprised to find that you can save a bundle by buying now rather than later.