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My new favorite lounge chair!

Lounging poolside is one of my favorite activities to do when the water is still a little cold to swim, but the sun is warm and inviting. One issue that I have always had to deal with is having to stop reading a book in which I am actively engaged to turn over to my stomach. Afterall, no one wants a tan on one half of their body! I recently found the perfect solution. The Ergo Lounger is an incredibly advanced beach and lounge chair that has a face-down hole for reading that also works as a ponytail hole while laying on your back. As an added benefit, the chair provides a gentle stretch to your neck and back, make it a therapeutic way to relax outdoors. It is light (12 lbs.), easy to carry, and wheel chair accessible, making it perfect for anyone. I will never settle for a boring, limited use lounge chair again!

Poolside Luxury Provides an Instant Getaway

Poolside Chaise Lounge
Longing for the days of summer in these cold winter months, I have already began imagining lounging by the pool. In my mind, I am in a tropical locale on a plush, luxurious lounge chair soaking up the sun and relaxing all my stress away. Sounds wonderful, huh? Escaping to an island getaway might not be possible for you, but bringing luxury to your own poolside is! The Calle All Weather Poolside Chaise Lounge will make you feel like a million bucks no matter where you are. Its contouring curves offer superior comfort and Sunbrella cushions are both sun and water-resistant for years of heavy-duty, year-round use. Even the bronze and cocoa color scheme highlight the epitome of quality and taste. This chair is a simple way to turn your pool side into the getaway of your dreams.