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Let Us Help You Choose The Perfect Salt Chlorine Generator for You!

Salt Chlorine Generator
Salt water chlorinated pools offer many benefits over traditional chemicals. You will notice less irritation to hair, skin, eyes, and lungs with the gentle water of salt chlorine systems. BYCP currently offer two models. The guide below will help you determine which salt chlorine generator is right for you!

  • Aqua Rite Generator – The Aqua Rite system is fully automatic. It will work on plastic, vinyl, or fiberglass pools up to 40,000 gallons. It offers dual voltage. The LCD screen will track your chlorine output at the push of a button. You can increase or decrease your chlorine levels easily and there is even a button to automatically “shock” your pool with no added effort. The unit is easily installed on your pool’s return line, after the filter and heater. This generator offer a limited 3 year warranty.
  • Zodiac LM3 Generator – The Zodiac LM3 keeps your pool at a constant chlorine level. It offer self cleaning unit which frequently reverses polarity, practically eliminating calcium buildup on the cell. It has clear housing for super easy inspection. The touch panel controls have a memory feature that make setting it easy and a super chlorination feature for “shocking” the pool. The Zodiac is available for pools up to 40,000 gallons. It comes with a 3 year warranty on the cell and 1 year on parts and labor

Salt Water for All Pool Owners

Salt Chlorine Generator for Above Ground Pool
Saltwater pools have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many pool owners are opting for the softer, gentler water produced by salt chlorine generators. Your water will be silky smooth and you can stop spending money on traditional pool chemicals. Many in ground pools are already equipped with this technology, but above ground pool owners can ALSO have salt water pools. Above ground chlorine generators have become an affordable and usable solution for many pool owners. They are easy to install and cost less than $300. No more red eyes, skin irritation, or handling harsh chemicals again. All you add is salt! Convert your above ground pool before the next swimming season and be prepared to be amazed by the difference!

Salt Chlorine Generators

Salt Chlorine Generator

Salt water swimming pools may create images in your head of salty tasting water and high prices. However, you might be surprised! A salt water swimming pool is not a pool that tastes like the ocean and lacks chlorine. It is simply a pool that enjoys the benefits of a salt chlorine generator. These chlorine generators automatically convert small amounts of ordinary non-iodized table salt or water softener grades of salt into chlorine, keeping your swimming pool sanitized and free from algae. A teaspoon of salt per gallon of pool water is all you need. The salt never leaves your pool and is used over and over by the system to generate chlorine that purifies your water and leaves the pool crystal clear. Chlorine generators are totally automatic and are perfect for plaster, vinyl, or fiberglass residential pools up to 40,000 gallons.

The salt cannot be tasted because the salt solution in your pool is at a much lower level than that which is found in a human tear. You will no longer have to deal with harsh, smelly chlorine products.  The silky smooth water will no make your skin dry or your hair brittle. In fact, you skin and hair often feel softer after leaving the pool. Salt water pool are also much easier on your eyes than regular pools. You will be able to open your eyes underwater without the itch and burn of traditional chlorine. Installation is easy, as illustrated below, and you will save hundreds of dollars on pool chemicals! These systems are perfect for anyone who has little ones or sensitive skin, but also for anyone who is looking for a softer, gentler alternative to traditional chlorine.

Salt Chlorine Generator Demo