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50 Hottest Pool Products of the Season List Released

Pool and Spa News has released their annual list of the 50 hottest products this season for your pool and spa. Below is an excerpt of their list. 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting season for pool and spa owners! You won’t want to wait to get your hands on these!

  • Insta-Link Home Advanced Iphone App – This water quality program allows Iphone users to photo scan test strips to prevent questions about variations in color. The program returns customized chemical recommendations in seconds, helping pool owners get their pool chemicals balanced in almost no time.
  • Eco-Friendly floats – Several companies are producing floats that are made from reprocessed vinyl and packaged in recycled cardboard. This is a great product for environmentally friendly pool owners who are looking for a product with less impact on the environment.
  • Direct Command Pool Cleaner – As one of the few robotic pool cleaners to make the list, the Direct Command is a breakthrough.¬† It comes with a hand-held remote, which makes it easy for pool owners to spot clean their pool quickly and efficiently. It is also more affordable than comparable robotic cleaners, making it a great buy for any pool owner. Both its cleaning path and debris bag are larger than most robotic cleaners on the market. This lightweight new addition to the market is already claiming its place as an industry leader.
  • Natural Pools – Chemical-free pools have taken a new turn with in ground pools that are being filtered through plants rooted in the system and other biological filters. These pools are eco-friendly and completely safe for swimmers. The “organic watershapes” are cleaner and clearer than lakes or ponds, but do not use the traditional harsh chemicals or filters of swimming pools, making them more efficient.
  • Solar Powered Pool Filter – Many people already harness the sun’s power to heat their pools. Now, you can use solar power to CLEAN your pool. It is 100% natural and efficient, using no electricity. As the cleaner floats freely around the pool, water is filtered through cartridges to purify water. They are lightweight and easy to remove from the pool for swimming. Since some pool filters can cost up to $100 a month to operate, these filters can save you hundreds of dollars each pool season.