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A Better Inflatable Swimming Pool


How many times have you purchased a cheap, inflatable pool for the kids only to have it punctured or otherwise damaged half way into the hot summer months?  In my family, it was the dog who decided to take a bite out of the pool’s poor quality plastic wall, and no amount of duct tape or other “quick fix” idea worked for very long.

We, as parents, begin each summer with that ever-renewing feeling of hope — the one that tells us that this year will be the year that the pool survives the whole summer.  So, we proceed to buy the inflatable pool.  Our hopes are often dashed, though, within a few short weeks, and we exclaim that “never again” will we buy a cheap inflatable pool.

What we really need is an inflatable pool that is good quality but inexpensive, and that will last more than one single summer.  I’m happy to report that there is such an animal.  It’s called the Fast Set Inflatable Swimming Pool.

Fast Set Inflatable Swimming Pools make it easy to set up a quality “temporary” pool in your backyard or driveway.  Simply lay out the swimming pool on a flat surface, inflate the collar with air, and add water. The self adjusting collar floats its way to the top of the pool, pulling the rugged walls along with it. Constructed of heavy duty marine grade vinyl, this inflatable pool is built to last more than one season.  It even comes equipped with its own pump and filter, as well as a 30-day warranty.

Up the Fun with New Pool Floats!

Pyramid Pool FloatStarfighter FloatOversized Cooler Couch

Adding some new floats to your pool setup can provide fun and excitement for every member of your family, young to old!

For the small ones in your family,  you could purchase a Pool Cube Pool Float! It can provide protection from the sun and hours of fun in two different ways. Place it in the pool to provide a covered float for children to relax in or swim in and out of or place it out of the pool to provide a special splash pool for younger children to enjoy. Either way, it is sure to be a hit!

For older children, consider adding a float that promotes play time and will entertain for hours. The Starfighter Float is a ride-on float that comes complete with a squirt gun. It measures a full 45 inches across and is sure to be a hit with every child at your pool. They will be begging for their turn on the spaceship!

When it comes to adults, relaxation is also the best “fun” available. You should consider the Oversized Cooler Couch to enjoy the peaceful relaxation of floating in your pool while also impressing you friends and family. At 64 inches long and 40 inches wide, you will sit high above the fray while taking in the summer rays! It even comes equiped with a built in cooler that stores cans and ice and two drink holders. With this float, you will certainly be the hit of any party.

Pool Slides Add Spice to Swimming

What’s more super cool than having a swimming pool in your backyard?  Having the twirliest, whirliest pool slide on the side.  It doesn’t matter if you have an in ground pool or an above ground pool, you can still give your family a homestyle water park experience with the right pool slide.  Pool slides spice up any standard swimming pool and offer built-in fun when it comes to family get togethers or neighborhood parties.

Look for pool slides with rugged, sturdy construction and non-skid steps to ensure safety when climbing with wet feet.  Most high quality pool slides will come with a plumbing kit that connects to your pump/filter system and deck anchors that allow you to secure the structure to the surface surrounding the pool.

Diving Board Safety Tips

Do This IN The Pool NOT Off The Diving Board!

Properly installed Diving Boards can add great fun your pool activities this summer. Kids love them, but parents have been told over and over how dangerous they can be.  Like most activities surrounding a  swimming pool, diving boards can be risky, but knowing how to use one properly will allow you and your kids to have fun safely this summer. Following these important safety tips will help insure safe, exciting, and fun times for all:

  • NEVER run onto or along the diving board.
  • NEVER dive off the side of a diving board
  • NEVER dive into an above ground pool
  • NO  back dives.
  • ALWAYS know the depth of water before you dive.
  • ALWAYS have a adult supervise children while diving and swimming
  • NEVER dive alone!!!

Most of these tips sound like nothing more than common sense, but taking the time to discuss these rules with your kids and their friends can keep everyone happy and safe this swimming season.

As you search for the perfect diving board for your backyard inground swimming pool, the S. R. Smith Diving Boards are highly recommend.  Both BackyardCityPools.com and our vendors  support the efforts of spreading the importance of swimming pool and diving board saftey.  Happy and Safe Summer To All!

Time For The Pool Parties To Begin!

It is that time of year….we are all eager to get out and enjoy our swimming pools.  Most of us are busy purchasing all our pool chemicals so we can get our pool water balanced so that just as soon as the kids want to “jump” they can.  Many of us are also wondering….turn on the heater…don’t turn on the heater?  Obviously, the answer to these questions are relative to which part of the country you live in so I am not going to touch on these points today.  I am just so excited to share with you a new product that we are offering this Spring. Check out this new patio PoolParty Furniture!  It goes right in the pool.  How great would this be for your first pool party?! And the umbrellas come in different styles and sizes to fit your individual pool needs.  These are specifically designed to be placed in the pool.  Kind of reminds me of those nice hotels I used to go to that had the tiki bars in the pools that you could swim right up too.

Seems like a little bit of paradise in my own backyard.

And The Party Begins!

And The Party Begins!