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Balance Your Pool With Our Chemicals Chart


Make sure that you maintain the ideal chemical levels for your pool. Swimming in a clean, balanced pool will ensure that you have the most enjoyable time. Follow the chart below to make sure that you have the right pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and stabilizer levels or the right pool chemicals to get them there!




2.0 Shock the pool Turn chlorinator down


7.4   Summer

7.8   Winter

Add soda ash *Add muriatic acid (diluted)
Total Alkalinity


80-100 ppm Add baking soda

(Sodium Bicarbonate)

**Add muriatic acid
Calcium hardness


250-500 ppm Add calcium chloride Drain pool and refill


20-50 ppm Add Cyanuric Acid Drain pool and refill

* Add acid by spreading around pool or pour into pool in front of return jet. Pool should be running when doing this so the acid spreads throughout the pool as rapidly as possible.

** Pour acid into a three to five foot circle in the deepest part of the pool while the pump is off.  Allow to set for at least 20 minutes before turning pump on.

Cheat Sheet for Ideal Pool Chemical Levels

Pool season is close! Most pool owners know how to chlorinate their pool or treat for algae if needed at opening. Balancing the other key elements in your pool chemistry, such as pH, stabilizer, calcium hardness, and total alkalinity levels, can be more confusing. Here are the instructions that you need to make sure that your pool water is sparkling clear. Testing and correcting your pool water at home has never been easier.

  • If your total alkalinity is low, you will need to add sodium bicarbonate to your water to get it to the ideal range of 80-100 ppm. You can find complete sodium bicarbonate dosage instructions here.
  • If your total alkalinity is high, you will need to add muriatic acid to lower your alkalinity to the idea range of 80-100 ppm. You can find muriatic acid dosage instructions here.
  • If you need to raise the pH level in your pool water, you need to add sodium carbonate (soda ash). Here are complete instructions for raising your pool’s pH with sodium carbonate.
  • If you need to lower the pH level in your pool water, you will use the same muriatic acid mentioned for lowering your total alkalinity, but in different dosage amounts. Here are the complete instructions for muriatic acid dosage when trying to lower pH.
  • To raise the stabilizer level in your pool, you will need to add Cyanuric Acid in the dosages recommended in these instructions: cyanuric acid dosage chart. If the stabilizer level is too high, you must drain and refill the pool. There is no chemical corrector.
  • To raise the calcium hardness in your pool, add calcium chloride. You can find the exact calcium chloride dosage here. If your calcium hardness level is too high, you must drain and refill the pool. There is no chemical corrector for this problem.