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New Pool Liners: For Repair or Rejuvenation

Vinyl Pool LIner
Many people wait until there is a problem to replace their swimming pool liner. When they start to notice tearing or leaking, homeowners know its time for a new liner. Why not beat problems to the punch and replace your liner before a major issue arises? Now is the perfect time to purchase a new liner. They are affordable and there is a wide variety of colors and styles available. Give your pool a “facelift” with a new, similar liner or change it completely for whole new look and feel. We have many patterns: from simple blue vinyl to playful and exotic, like the beach pattern above. Give us a call today, and we will help you pick out the liner that is perfect for your pool.

Spring Pool Improvements: Pool Liners

Today, we continue with part three of our pool improvement series: pool liners. Swimming pool liners can make a dramatic difference in the look of your swimming pool. If you have had your pool for an extended period of time, your liner may be weak and brittle. Constant exposure to sun light and chemicals can cause the liner to thin and eventually break. This can not only cause ugly discoloration, but also pool leaks or collapse. If you notice excessive fading or cracking of your liner, it needs to be replaced. With the variety of beautiful pool liner options available, this can also provide a totally new look for your pool. Pictured above (left to right), Monteray, Rolling Rock, Sunlight, and Dolphina are only a few of the many eye-catching liners available to improve your swimming pool.