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Repair and Replace Pool Surfaces This Spring!

Pool Surface
Now is the time to spruce up your pool before summer fun begins. If your concrete,  plaster, gunite, or fiberglass pool has chipping or peeling paint, you might want to consider repainting it. Pool paint is more affordable and easier to use than ever before. Most pool paints last up to 8 years and can be applied without the help of a pool professional, saving you lots of money. If you have a liner pool, check your liner for fading and discoloration. Due to long exposure to chemicals and sunlight, vinyl liners can eventually become weakened and worn. Spring is a perfect time to consider replacement. Even if your pool surfaces are intact, they will certainly need to be cleaned to prepare for summer swimming. Check your pool maintenance equipment, including leaf skimmers, wall brushes, and vacuums, for any deterioration that could have occurred during the fall and winter months. These items are usually on sale at the beginning of pool seasons so now is the perfect time to replace any worn or outdated equipment. With some needed spring maintenance on your pool, you will ensure beautiful pool surfaces for years to come.

One Simple Home Design Tip That Also Applies to Pools

Every design guru knows that a coat of paint goes a long way in sprucing up any room of the house.  But, this advice also applies to the swimming pool and pool deck.  Pools and pool decks discolor and fade over time due to the effects of weathering, algae,Hi-Build Epoxy Swimming Pool Paint ultraviolet rays, and chlorine.

Before you open your pool for the season this year, perk up the appearance of your pool and pool deck with a coat or two of swimming pool paint and deck paint.  Be sure to use paints specifically designed for pools and pool decks, though.  You’ll be impressed with the results that a little paint can create.