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Pool Slides are Always a Hit

swimming pool slides are the rage

swimming pool slides are the rage

I was swimming at a neighbors house with my kids last week when the temperature reached about 98 degrees.  It was one of those summer days that you either stayed  inside or  in a swimming  pool.

I was on a float while the kids enjoyed taking turns going down the slide.  They never grew tired of this either.  Whether they were going down together or sliding down backwards, the fun was always topped off with new ways of using this swimming pool slide.

My neighbors commented on how pricey most slides are but that the fun totally outweighs the cost.  In fact, they said the slide has paid for itself several times because they didn’t have to join a swimming club.What great fun we have had this summer with the help of our neighbor’s swimming pool.  And the water slide just happens to be the icing on the cake.