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Solar Saddle Is an Affordable and Effective Alternative to Solar Reels

Solar Saddle Solar Pool Cover Storage

Removing and storing a solar pool cover each time you wish to use your above ground swimming pool can be a real hassle, especially if you don’t have a partner handy who can help you with the process.  Solar cover reels are a standard option for easy cover removal and storage by one person, but reels are often very expensive.  A simpler solution is the Solar Saddle, which is a much more affordable product that installs easily and works like a charm.

Using the Solar Saddle is easy.  To remove and store your cover, you simply pull the cover off of the pool from poolside, just like you would pull a sheet off from the end of your bed.  The cover lays in the Solar Saddle’s holders, folded accordion style.  Now your cover is stored.  To put the cover on, just reverse the process.

Simple, elegant, affordable — the Solar Saddle is a smart solution for above ground swimming pools.

Above Ground Pool Safety Netting are NOT Safety Covers!

Above Ground Pool Safety Covers
We have been telling people for years about the live-saving benefits of pool safety covers for in ground pools. They prevent countless drowning accidents and can literally be a lifesaver.  For years, we have had people inquiring about safety covers for their above ground pools also. Because of the usual lack of decking around the entire pool, traditional safety covers were usually not an option.  We found that Water Warden is an above-ground safety net and is better than nothing! Water Warden nets have created the solution to unwanted visitors and help to keep your children and pets safe. It installs quickly and is lightweight for easy removal. The netting is stretched over your above ground pool and attaches to the pool using a bracket system.  The nets hold up to 485 lbs of weight without tearing. Your child or pet would not be able to submerge into the water, keeping them from falling undetected into the pool.  They are available in several sizes and install in minutes with only a drill. Make your above ground pool as safe as possible with this innovative breakthrough in safety netting!

Keep in mind these do NOT qualify as a safety cover and do not satisfy many requirements of local codes for a safety cover or fencing for your pool.

Do a google search for “Water Warden Safety Netting” to find them as we currently do not offer this product.

Liquid Solar Blankets: The Maintence Free Heating Method

Liquid Solar Pool Cover
Ready to swim, but your pool still isn’t warm enough? Try a creative solution. Liquid solar blankets are a fun and functional alternative to traditional heating methods. They work by slowly admitting a liquid that traps heat and reduces evaporation. The best part? The liquid is non-toxic and invisible. It does not affect skin, clothes, or pool chemical balance. You won’t even notice that its there. Unlike a traditional solar blanket, it is in use WHILE you are using your pool. 100% safe and works 100% of the time? Can’t beat that!

Give Dad a Gift That Really Sucks (Dirt, That Is)

Dad Needs a Robotic Pool Cleaner

What’s the absolute worst job when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool?  Ask one hundred pool-owning Dads this question, and you’re sure to hear “cleaning the darn thing” as the top answer.  Yes, owning a pool is sheer luxury and fun… when you don’t have to do the regular job of scrubbing and vacuuming to keep the dirt and debris under control.  This job, unfortunately, usually falls onto Dad’s shoulders.

Robotic Pool CleanersLuckily, you can dazzle a pool-cleaning Dad (your own or someone else’s) with the gift of a Robotic Pool Cleaner, which does all the cleaning by itself.  Robotic pool cleaners scrub and vacuum just about every inch of a swimming pool without much guidance or effort by Dad.  He can just sit back and sip a cool drink while the pool cleaner does its thing.  Paradise!

The best gift to give any Dad is the gift of relaxation.  Offer him a double-whammy of a gift that lets him relax while the work gets done, and Dad can enjoy the best Father’s Day ever.  Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

This Year’s Goal: A Clutter-Free Pool

The Pool Pantry

For many homeowners, the start of swimming pool season is at hand.  But, it’s also the start of a season full of clutter and mess around the pool.  Pool floats, pool toys, life vests, and towels can often be found strewn around the pool deck — flung over chairs, floating in the pool, sunk to the bottom of the pool…

Keeping pool gear neat and tidy doesn’t have to be a chore when you have a pool organizing station to help.  The Pool Pantry is one such organizer.  The space-saving Pool Pantry keeps floats, toys, and other pool accessories neatly contained so that the pool area remains uncluttered and easy to navigate.  When properly stored, pool accessories last longer, too.

With everyone’s help, maintaining a clean and clutter-free pool area is possible.  A smart solution like the Pool Pantry makes cleaning up fun and easy.