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Spring Pool Improvements: Pool Slides

G Force Pool Slide
Making improvements to your swimming pool can be as simple as adding a floating pool light or as complex as changing your liner for a new look. We will chronicle a series of pool improvement trends that home owners are currently using to spruce the pool up just in time for summer.

One pool improvement that I find particularly pleasing to the whole family is adding a new and exciting swimming pool slide. With varying angles of curve, water use, and colors, there are so many options in pool slides today. You can even add a water park type feel with a slide that spins you around 360 degrees before splashing you into your pool. A new slide will provide fun and excitement to every member of your family.

Thoughts of Summer Provoke Pool Float Fancies

Dreaming of Summer

Even though I’m still wearing my winter weather gear, I’m thinking ahead to warmer days when I can soak up the sun at the pool and the beach.  Nothing is more relaxing than floating on calm waters while being bathed by the warm rays of the sun, so finding just the right pool float is a big deal.

Many times, I prefer to float solo, but I like to be prepared with refreshments so I don’t have to leave my comfy lounger every time I need a cool drink.  That’s why I love the Oversized Cooler Couch.  This one-person pool float has a handy built-in cooler that holds ice and drinks.  With two drink holders, this float makes it possible to enjoy soda on one hand and water on the other.  The other advantage of this particular pool float is the position of the reclined back.  It’s not fully reclined, and it’s not completely upright, either.  It’s just right for reading a book or magazine, or for taking a comfortable cat nap.

Oversized Cooler Couch

Sometimes, I feel like floating with a friend…or five.  The Cabana Islander Pool Float is a serious float that can support up to six people.  It has a removable cabana top that can be attached when the sun is too strong, or detached when we want to warm things up.  There’s even a center swim porthole, a boarding platform, and a 16 quart floating cooler that can be tethered to this impressive floating wonder.  When I crave conversation with friends but I don’t want to leave the water, the Cabana Islander delivers.

Cabana Islander Pool Float

Frigid temperatures make summer feel like a distant dream, but until it arrives, my thoughts can be filled with fantasies of floating on the water and basking in the warmth of a bright, summer sun.

Put Your Pool to Work for Outdoor Gatherings

The next time you plan a romantic dinner or cozy gathering on the patio or at poolside, put your swimming pool to work.  Pool fountains create a dramatic backdrop for any outdoor event, and they provide an easy and tasteful way to dress up your outdoor areas.

Some pool fountains spray in multi-leveled tiers and provide an elegant effect:

Other pool fountains feature spinning parts that create beautiful arcs and patterns of falling water:

Raindance Spinning Fountain

For a more subtle visual effect, there are also pool fountains that recreate the naturally soothing sounds of waterfalls:

Kutstone Cubic Scupper Pool Fountain

Using any kind of pool fountain allows you to turn your swimming pool into a key contributor to the ambiance and style of your outdoor gathering.   Whether dramatic or subtle, your pool fountain will certainly impress your guests.

Make Your Own Backyard Water Park

Crowded Water Park

Indoor and outdoor water parks seem to be in every town these days, and their numbers continue to grow.  Savvy parents know that these “vacation destinations” are rarely worth the expensive admission fee.  Additionally, indoor and outdoor water parks use an excessive amount of chemicals in their water to keep bacteria and germs from hundreds of visitors at bay, which leads to irritated eyes and skin.  Kids love these places, though, so how do parents entice their young ones to stay home and enjoy the swimming pool in their own backyards?

One easy way to make the backyard pool more exciting for kids is to add a pool slide for action packed fun.  Pool slides made for backyard swimming pools don’t reach the dizzying heights of those at the local water park, but there are no lines to wait in, no crowds to wade through, and kids can slide to their heart’s content.  Add a couple of friends to the mix, and families can enjoy full days of free fun at home.

Turbo Twister Pool Slide  G-Force 360 Degree Pool Slide  Rocket Ride Pool Slide

The Only Sport That Can Save a Life

Did you know that swimming is the only sport that can save a life?  By learning how to swim, or by strengthening your existing swimming skills, you have a much better chance of staying safe in the swimming pool.  Lessons for adults and children are available year round at many community centers, YMCAs or YWCAs, and Red Cross facilities.  Now is the best time to improve swimming ability because there’s plenty of time to learn this vital life-saving skill well before swimming season begins again.  

If you like to give meaningful gifts for the holidays, consider giving swim lessons to your favorite water-loving adult or child.  Swimming lessons make a unique, long-lasting, and life saving gift.  It would be hard to find any other gift that offers benefits like that! 

For more information about the importance of swimming lessons and knowing how to swim, watch this short and helpful video from the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely campaign.