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Warm Weather Gifts for Year Round Fun

Not everyone lives in a climate that requires closing the backyard swimming pool at some point in the year.  In fact, many of our southern friends are probably reading this blog poolside while soaking in the warm rays of the sun.  Before you step away from the computer to top off your iced tea or fruity beverage, consider adding a couple of sure-to-please pool gifts to your holiday giving plans this year.  Your pool-loving family and friends will get the pleasure of enjoying them right away, and you’ll be done with your shopping all the sooner.

Here are just a few ideas that always bring big smiles and even bigger fun:

1.  Remote controlled water soaker

Remote Control Water Soaker

2.  Floating basketball game

Floating Cool Jam Basketball

3.  Mermaid swim fin

Mermaid Swim Fin

4.  Starfighter pool float

Starfighter Pool Float with Squirt Gun

Even if you don’t live in a warmer climate and you’re reading this snuggled up by the glow of your fireplace, you will still bring a thrill to your pool-loving friends and family members with these gifts.  They can look forward to using their new pool gear when swimming pool season rolls around again, and the anticipation might just inspire them to help you with pool-opening tasks this time.  An unexpected gift for you, too!

New Pool Signs for Safety, Humor, and Practicality!

Now is a great time to make sure that your swimming pool signs are up to date. Use them to post pool or spa rules, add humor for your guests, or state that your pool is closed for the season. Here are a few of our favorites!

Pool Closed
Swimming Pool Closed Sign

Spa Warning Sign
Spa Warning Sign

No Skinny Dipping Sign
No Skinny Dipping Sign

No “P” in the OOL Sign

What’s Your Favorite Pool Toy?

Remote Control Pool Toys

Mine is a remote controlled boat.  Remote controlled boats are fun for everyone, they don’t require athletic ability, and they can be enjoyed no matter if you are hanging out in the water or lounging poolside.

A favorite choice among pool owners is the boat that doubles as a skimmer. Remote controlled pool skimmers make theRemote Control Pool Skimmer clean up of leaves and surface debris a fun activity rather than a chore. Additionally, it’s easy to create your own games with a remote controlled pool skimmer and score points with every bit of debris collected.

Another fun remote controlled boat resembles a flying saucer and squirts water at the touch of a button. You can surprise an unsuspecting friend with a stream of water shot from twenty feet away — just be sure your friend is a good sport.

What’s your favorite swimming pool toy or game?

Turn Your Pool Into A Party!

Looking for an inexpensive and fun way to add some excitement to your next pool party? Or maybe you just want to change up the pool for your family’s entertainment? Swimming pool lights are a great way to accomplish your goal! Check out the suggestions below to make sure that your next gathering is a colorful and creative blast!

  • Ocean Art Jellies – These Ocean Art Mini Jellies add light, as well as a whimsy charm, to your pool. The float freely around the pool and run on standard household (AA) batteries.
  • Underwater Pool Light Show and Fountain: The multi-purpose light will delight your guests. It floats, spins, sprays, and displays colors both on the surface and below.
  • Kool-Light-O-Scope LED Pool Light: Create a psychedelic swirl in your pool with this light. It will instantly turn a plain pool into a party! It works on both in ground and above ground pools and will leave you mesmerized.

Pool Floats to Entertain Kids ALL Summer

While most kids long for summer, it can also become monotonous very quickly. Doing the same time, day in and day out, can become dull after awhile. Even something as fun as a swimming pool loses its appeal over time if it remains the same. Give your child some excitement in the pool this summer with one of these amazing pool floats. Whether for one child or a party full, you can find something that will please. Click on the links below for more information on each great choice! Many more are available at Happy summer!

Labyrinth Island Pool Float

Labyrinth Island Float

Swimming Pool SeeSaw Float

See Saw Float

Arcade Shooter Float

Arcade Shooter Pool Float

Boathouse Pool Floats

Water Wheel

Swimming Pool Water Wheel