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Above Ground Pools Are An Affordable Alternative

Bermuda Above Ground Pool
Above ground pools offer an affordable and practical solution to convention pools that are in the ground. They are significantly cheaper, both to buy and maintain. Above ground pools also offer more flexibility regarding where they are placed. Should you ever decide that you do not want a pool any more, above ground models are much easier to remove than inground pools. Repairs, should you need to make them, are also much easier on above ground pools. One model of our extensive above ground pool selection is even rated for in ground use! You could partially submerge it to make it appear to be an inground pool – for a fraction of the price.

The Key Ingredient for Endless Summer Fun at Home

Above Ground Pool

Summer vacations aren’t as appealing in 2011, thanks to painfully high gas prices and a poor economy.  Staying home and saving money is becoming the plan of choice for more and more homeowners.  Summer “staycations” don’t need to be a drag, though, if you provide the proper entertainment.

Without a doubt, the easiest, most cost-effective and boredom busting way to create a high quality summer vacation at home is to install an above ground pool.  More affordable than in ground pools, above ground pools offer year after year of warm weather fun and entertainment for family and friends.  Above ground pools are an ideal destination for neighborhood gatherings, holiday celebrations, and private family relaxation.  They also provide a fun way for adults and kids to burn energy and stay fit.

Summer vacations are more enjoyable for everyone when the long days are filled with engaging activity.  Nothing fulfills that need more effectively than a swimming pool full of water.  Above ground pools offer so much in the way of entertainment that they are, arguably, the only ingredient necessary for the ideal summer “staycation.”

Salt Water for All Pool Owners

Salt Chlorine Generator for Above Ground Pool
Saltwater pools have become increasingly popular in recent years. Many pool owners are opting for the softer, gentler water produced by salt chlorine generators. Your water will be silky smooth and you can stop spending money on traditional pool chemicals. Many in ground pools are already equipped with this technology, but above ground pool owners can ALSO have salt water pools. Above ground chlorine generators have become an affordable and usable solution for many pool owners. They are easy to install and cost less than $300. No more red eyes, skin irritation, or handling harsh chemicals again. All you add is salt! Convert your above ground pool before the next swimming season and be prepared to be amazed by the difference!

Splasher Pools Offer Affordable Fun!

Splasher Pools

Owning a pool might seem out of reach for some people. While the maintenance doesn’t present a problem, the initial investment can seem daunting! Even for most above ground pools, you can easily spend thousands of dollars to get a pool up and running. If owning a pool has always been your dream, but you are on a budget, a splasher pool is perfect for you! Splasher Pools are always affordable, but with the blowout sales currently happening, you can get one for a super low price! They are easy to install and come with a built-in filtration system, vinyl liner, and ladder. The available twelve, fifteen, and eighteen foot round pools even have affordable shipping so they are an all around great deal! Now you can give yourself and your family the backyard fun that you have always wanted without breaking the bank.

Winter Cover Accessories Explained!

 Cover Pump

If you own an above ground pool, you probably use a winter cover. With the abundance of options available with your cover, you might find yourself slightly confused about what to buy. I am here to help! Below is your guide to winter pool cover accessories for above ground pools!

Pool cover pumps are used to remove water that builds up on your pool cover. They are available in manual models, where you will have to monitor the pumps progress and unplug it when the water is drained, or in automatic models, which sense and automatically start when water is on the cover and cut off automatically! While cover pumps are not absolutely necessary, they will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes and the burden of removing your cover.

Air pillows are placed under the cover on top of the water. They absorb freezing water’s pressure to protect your pool walls and liner. They also reduce excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover. Using an air pillow under your winter cover will make draining the water off the top of your cover much easier.

There are also several option available when deciding how to keep your cover in place. Pool cover wall bags are fillted with water and used to hold your cover in place during times of high wind. They are designed to lie on top of the cover around the inside perimeter of your pool.  Winter cover seal is very much like a large roll of plastic wrap. It is wrapped around the covered pool to keep wind from getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear. It is easy to apply and can be done by one person. Cover clips are handy fasteners that hold your pool cover in place. They grip your top rail like a clothes pin and hold throughout the winter season. The cover lock system is similar to cover clips, but more secure. It involves a two-part system that snaps together to ensure maximum hold, even in the highest winds.

With you understanding of these accessories, you will be thoroughly prepared to close your pool this season!