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Quickly Drain Your Inflatable/Collapsible Pool

If you have an inflatable or collapsible pool that will be emptied and taken down when summer ends, you have probably struggled to find a quick and efficient way to drain the water. The Quick Drain is the perfect solution to your problem. Simple and easy to use, the Quick Drain is designed to make your life easier! It used siphon action to remove dirt, debris, and water from your pool. Since it has no moving parts, it is easy to operate and can drain a pool at a rate of 10-12 gallons per minute. Simply insert the suction tube into the pool or spa, shake the tube and the Quick Drain goes to work. You can add extensions hoses to direct water up to 24 feet away. Draining your pool could not be any easier!

Quick Drain Instruction 1Quick Drain Instruction 2Quick Drain Instruction 3

A Better Inflatable Swimming Pool


How many times have you purchased a cheap, inflatable pool for the kids only to have it punctured or otherwise damaged half way into the hot summer months?  In my family, it was the dog who decided to take a bite out of the pool’s poor quality plastic wall, and no amount of duct tape or other “quick fix” idea worked for very long.

We, as parents, begin each summer with that ever-renewing feeling of hope — the one that tells us that this year will be the year that the pool survives the whole summer.  So, we proceed to buy the inflatable pool.  Our hopes are often dashed, though, within a few short weeks, and we exclaim that “never again” will we buy a cheap inflatable pool.

What we really need is an inflatable pool that is good quality but inexpensive, and that will last more than one single summer.  I’m happy to report that there is such an animal.  It’s called the Fast Set Inflatable Swimming Pool.

Fast Set Inflatable Swimming Pools make it easy to set up a quality “temporary” pool in your backyard or driveway.  Simply lay out the swimming pool on a flat surface, inflate the collar with air, and add water. The self adjusting collar floats its way to the top of the pool, pulling the rugged walls along with it. Constructed of heavy duty marine grade vinyl, this inflatable pool is built to last more than one season.  It even comes equipped with its own pump and filter, as well as a 30-day warranty.

Above Ground Pool Alternative

If you are thinking about an above ground pool, but you are not crazy about the cost of installation or the thought of winterizing each year, then you may want to consider a soft-sided swimming pool kit.  The Aqua Blue Splash-A-Round Pool is one example of a complete soft-sided swimming pool kit.  The kit comes with everything you need for an above ground pool — filter, pump, hoses, ladder, skimmer, return line, etc.  The framework snaps together without the need for tools and makes this pool one of the easiest above ground pools to set up.  No costly installation is required.  Setting up a soft-sided swimming pool can be done in as little as an hour.  These above ground pools can also be easily dismantled and moved or stored away once the swimming season is over.

If you aren’t ready to commit to a more permanent structure in your back yard, then opting for an alternative like the Aqua Blue Splash-A-Round Pool may be the answer.

Air Pillows Are a Winter Necessity


Usually made of heavy-duty vinyl, air pillows are a necessary addition when winterizing your above ground pool.  An air pillow, also known as an ice compensator, goes underneath your winter pool cover to help prevent the freezing and expanding winter pool water from cracking and damaging the walls of your above ground pool.  Air pillows offer the additional advantage of reducing the amount of water, snow, and debris that collect on your winter cover. 

Air pillows for above ground pools are very reasonably priced and are worth every penny if it means saving your pool from winter ice damage.

Super Strong Winter Pool Covers

When choosing an in-ground or above ground winter pool cover, most people  will consider quality along with  price.  An  in-ground winter cover  constructed of  high-grade woven polyethylene will give you the quality and durability you are looking for.  The super-strong woven strands of this type swimming pool cover will give you unsurpassed quality along with an affordable price range.   It should also be triple-laminated with a specially designed inner scrim that is extremely tough.  Premium coating is U.V.-protected to shield a cover from the damaging effects of sunlight.  Make sure the pool cover comes with loops every four feet to secure water bags, and strong corner grommets that allow for extra anchoring options in windy areas.

Arctic Armor In ground Winter Pool Cover