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Warm Weather Gifts for Year Round Fun

Not everyone lives in a climate that requires closing the backyard swimming pool at some point in the year.  In fact, many of our southern friends are probably reading this blog poolside while soaking in the warm rays of the sun.  Before you step away from the computer to top off your iced tea or fruity beverage, consider adding a couple of sure-to-please pool gifts to your holiday giving plans this year.  Your pool-loving family and friends will get the pleasure of enjoying them right away, and you’ll be done with your shopping all the sooner.

Here are just a few ideas that always bring big smiles and even bigger fun:

1.  Remote controlled water soaker

Remote Control Water Soaker

2.  Floating basketball game

Floating Cool Jam Basketball

3.  Mermaid swim fin

Mermaid Swim Fin

4.  Starfighter pool float

Starfighter Pool Float with Squirt Gun

Even if you don’t live in a warmer climate and you’re reading this snuggled up by the glow of your fireplace, you will still bring a thrill to your pool-loving friends and family members with these gifts.  They can look forward to using their new pool gear when swimming pool season rolls around again, and the anticipation might just inspire them to help you with pool-opening tasks this time.  An unexpected gift for you, too!

Unbeatable Pool Gift Is Practical, Fun, and Inexpensive

Remote Control Pool Skimmer

Some would argue that the best gifts are practical gifts that serve a purpose and make the life of the recipient a little bit easier.  But, there’s no rule that states that practical gifts can’t also be fun.  Choosing a practical gift for your favorite pool owner that is not only fun but also inexpensive would be even better. 

Remote control pool skimmers, for example, make practical and fun gifts that are also quite inexpensive. Pool skimmers aid in pool maintenance by skimming the surface of the water and picking up floating leaves and other debris. Remote control pool skimmers make this necessary job more fun. Kids and adults enjoy steering the skimmer around the pool, and surface cleaning becomes less of a chore.