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Pool Heaters: Green Choices for Warm Water

Who says you can’t swim once the traditional swimming season has passed?  With a pool heater or heat pump, you can enjoy swimming in comfortable water for many weeks, or more, after your neighbors have already hung up the towel.  Additionally, when other swimming pool owners are waiting for the Spring weather to warm up so they can open their pools, you can be enjoying the luxury of a pleasant Spring time swim. 

The most environmentally friendly options for warming your water include Solar Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps:

Solar Pool Heaters, which take advantage of the sun’s rays, are a “green” choice for warming your pool water.  Solar Heaters are efficient and inexpensive to operate.  When combined with a solar pool cover, also known as a solar blanket, your Solar Pool Heater will keep your pool’s water comfortable well into the cooler months.

A Heat Pump is another energy-efficient choice for heating your swimming pool.  Heat Pumps take heat from the air and transfer it to the pool water. This makes the heating process ecologically safe, clean, and cost effective.  Heat Pumps are easy to operate and can be used even in frigid conditions.

Enjoying your swimming pool for an extended season without relying on energy-guzzling technologies is possible with the efficient and environmentally friendly Solar Pool Heaters and Heat Pumps.