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Ergonomic Chair Takes Pain Out of Poolside Lounging

Ergo Lounger Spa Chair

Enjoying a warm and relaxing afternoon lounging by the pool is impossible if you can’t get comfortable.  Unfortunately, not all lounge chairs are created equal.  Reclining fully on a typical lounge chair is uncomfortable, and even downright painful, for many people — especially when positioned face down.  Back pain and neck pain are the result of a lounge chair’s poor body support.

The Ergo Lounger Spa is a therapeutic lounge chair that can be enjoyed poolside or in any outdoor livingFace Pillow area.  The Ergo Lounger offers neck and back support so that your body is supported in any position, whether sitting straight up or fully reclined.  The comfortable head support doubles as a face pillow when you wish to lie face down.  The face pillow has a hole in the center, similar to that on a massage table, so you can enjoy reading or dozing without straining your neck.

The point of a lounge chair is to offer relaxation, but most lounge chairs aren’t designed to properly support the body.  As a result, they don’t provide adequate comfort and can actually exacerbate existing aches and pains.  Finding true relaxation in a lounge chair means finding the right lounge chair.  For many people, the Ergo Lounger Spa chair offers the ideal solution.

Affordable Gift Ideas For the Swimming Pool Enthusiast

Great Gift Ideas

What’s the best kind of gift to get?  One that you would like to buy for yourself, but never do.  When it comes to backyard swimming pools, there’s always something else more pressing to pay for — pool chemicals, replacement filter cartridges, upgraded equipment… So, if you are wondering what to get that special pool-loving person in your life, here are some fun and practical ideas that won’t drain your wallet:

Fun Stuff

  • Pool Games — They come in all types and all price ranges.  Think about what kinds of games your friend likesRemote Control Water Soaker to play.  Toss games?  Ball games?  Team games?  Games that can be played solo?  It’s hard to go wrong if you keep in mind your friend’s preferences.
  • Remote Control Toys — Even adults enjoy these pool toys.  Whether your friend would prefer a remote control boat or water soaker, or a more practical (but still fun) remote control water skimmer, you have a number of affordable options from which to choose.

Practical Stuff

  • Fattowels — The ultimate pool towel, the Fattowel is ultra-absorbent and constructed from high quality 100% cotton.  Fat and fluffy, they leave you deliciously dry after a soak in the pool.   This is a practical gift that is always appreciated.
  • Raft and Towel Caddy — This handy item is best reserved as a gift for a family member or close friend because it’s purpose is to tidy up a generally untidy pool deck.  The raft and towel caddy corrals pool floats, balls, and other small pool toys, plus it supplies a nifty bar for hanging wet towels.  This is a gift much appreciated by neatniks (like me) who like to have everything contained.Ergonomic Lounge Chair
  • ErgoLounger — A dream of a lounge chair, this ergonomic beauty is perfect for people who love to read or relax while laying flat on a lounger to soak up the sun.  It’s not easy or comfortable to lay flat on a standard lounge chair, and it can be especially straining to read a book or magazine while facing down. The ErgoLounger, though, provides ergonomic padding and a face hole so that, whether you face up or down on the chair, your body is cushioned appropriately, and you can fully relax or enjoy a favorite book.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a fun or practical gift for your pool-loving friend will be greatly appreciated, especially if that gift is something unique that your friend wouldn’t normally think to buy for him or herself.