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Things to Remember for Winter Time Pools

Most people have already closed their pool for the season and protected it with a winter or safety cover. Have you thought of the other things that need protection around your pool? Pool heaters, when not in use, should be covered to be sure that they are not damaged by snow or ice. All floats, rafts, and pool toys should be stored away in a dry environment and left out in the elements. Diving board covers provide protection from staining that can occur from debris that rests on the board. This eliminates the need to remove the board and find a dry, warm place to store it during the winter months. You may also want to consider adding a leaf net over your winter cover to make spring opening a breeze.

Pool Storage Solutions for Fall and Winter

Cedar Storage Shed for Pool Equipment

Store your pool equipment in a Storage Shed

Very soon, it will be time to close your pool for the season. You are probably already stocking up on pool chemicals, covers, and closing accessories. Another important closing season consideration – Where will you store your supplies? Pool floats, chemicals, and other pool accessories need a home for the off season. Below are several options that you can use to organize your pool area and have everything ready for next spring.

  • Raft, Float, and Towel Caddy – This handy tool is perfect for the storage of pool toys and floats. It is made of sturdy PVC and can be put together in minutes. It is great for rafts, “noodles”, toys, etc.
  • Pool Pantry – This organizer is so compact and efficient that you will wonder how you survived without it. It is lightweight and sturdy. It comes with a cover and accessory bag and holds multiple floats.
  • Pool Deck Box – Made of durable resins, this storage box will endure many seasons as it keeps your pool gear dry and out of the sun. Great for pool toys, chemicals, hoses, or even patio cushions in the fall. It eliminates clutter and features wheels for easy moving.
  • Looking for something bigger? A cedar storage shed is the solution. It will create the perfect pool side cabana to store everything! Floats, chemicals, cleaning equipment, and more can be tucked away safe, secure, and dry until next spring.

Keep Your Winter Cover Firmly In Place

Cover Clips
If you have an above ground pool, you probably have a winter cover. Now is the time to start thinking about the best possible ways to hold your cover in place this winter to ensure that your pool stays clean and protected. There are several methods available to hold your cover securely in place. Here are the tools that we suggest:

  • Cover Clips – These handy fasteners are tough! They grip your top rail like a clothes pin and hold your cover on tightly. Cover clips keep your above ground pool’s cover in place and helps reduce the wear and tear on a winter cover from wind damage. Use two clips per upright or approximately every 16 to 18 inches.
  • Cover Loc Jr. – If you are looking for a stronger hold that regular cover clips can offer, you should consider the Cover Loc Jr. system. It offers deluxe two-part cover locks that will not pull off in the strongest winter winds. Just snap together the 5″ male and female clips and your cover will stay firmly secured. They are perfect for high wind areas.
  • Winter Cover Seal – In addition to cover clips, winter cover seal is a great option for keeping your cover in place. It offers a very simple solution to keep the wind from getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear. Its unique blend of tough poly-blend film wraps around your pool to seal out gusty winds. The secret to Cover Seal is a special blend of resins that enables this unique material to stretch and hold tightly over a long period of time, even during extreme cold weather. Cover Seal is also packed with U.V. inhibitors so that the sun will not weaken it.