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Make Your Own Backyard Water Park

Crowded Water Park

Indoor and outdoor water parks seem to be in every town these days, and their numbers continue to grow.  Savvy parents know that these “vacation destinations” are rarely worth the expensive admission fee.  Additionally, indoor and outdoor water parks use an excessive amount of chemicals in their water to keep bacteria and germs from hundreds of visitors at bay, which leads to irritated eyes and skin.  Kids love these places, though, so how do parents entice their young ones to stay home and enjoy the swimming pool in their own backyards?

One easy way to make the backyard pool more exciting for kids is to add a pool slide for action packed fun.  Pool slides made for backyard swimming pools don’t reach the dizzying heights of those at the local water park, but there are no lines to wait in, no crowds to wade through, and kids can slide to their heart’s content.  Add a couple of friends to the mix, and families can enjoy full days of free fun at home.

Turbo Twister Pool Slide  G-Force 360 Degree Pool Slide  Rocket Ride Pool Slide

New Pool Signs for Safety, Humor, and Practicality!

Now is a great time to make sure that your swimming pool signs are up to date. Use them to post pool or spa rules, add humor for your guests, or state that your pool is closed for the season. Here are a few of our favorites!

Pool Closed
Swimming Pool Closed Sign

Spa Warning Sign
Spa Warning Sign

No Skinny Dipping Sign
No Skinny Dipping Sign

No “P” in the OOL Sign

Pool Floats to Entertain Kids ALL Summer

While most kids long for summer, it can also become monotonous very quickly. Doing the same time, day in and day out, can become dull after awhile. Even something as fun as a swimming pool loses its appeal over time if it remains the same. Give your child some excitement in the pool this summer with one of these amazing pool floats. Whether for one child or a party full, you can find something that will please. Click on the links below for more information on each great choice! Many more are available at BackyardcityPools.com. Happy summer!

Labyrinth Island Pool Float

Labyrinth Island Float

Swimming Pool SeeSaw Float

See Saw Float

Arcade Shooter Float

Arcade Shooter Pool Float

Boathouse Pool Floats

Water Wheel

Swimming Pool Water Wheel

Inflatable Pool Coolers Will Have You Longing for Summer!

Inflatable Floating Cooler

Whether you are heading to a more tropical climate for the winter or simply dreaming of rising temperatures, it is never too early to start looking for fun new toys for swim season! An inflatable floating cooler is going to be my must-have accessory come summertime! No more jumping in and out of the pool when I need a refreshing drink! The floating cooler above holds up to 12 cans in the icy center cooler and has six drink holders and a pocket for holding valuables on the outside.  It even comes with a built-in carrying case for easy transportation when the cooler is deflated. Now…if only summer will hurry up and arrive!

Unique Gift Idea Will Have Your Children “Floating”!

Swan FloatWater Taxi FloatWater Wheel Float

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for your children, why not give them something to brighten up the dreary winter and help them look forward to next summer? Unique pool floats for children are a great alternative to run of the mill presents. There are so many amazing options. You can choose a gigantic white swan or a floating multi-person water taxi. There are interactive floating games, like an Arcade Shooter pool float or the dizzying Water Wheel. Floats are available to hold one child or several, making them fun for the entire family. Your children will get to appreciate your gift all summer long!