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Time to Check Your Pool Maintenance Equipment!

The pool off season is a perfect time to check all of your pool maintenance equipment to make sure that it is in great shape and ready for next season. Check for holes in skimmers, leaf rakes, and pool vacuum bags. Look for cracks or damage to plastic pieces on brushes and handles, vacuum hoses, and etc. Keeping this equipment clean, whole, and in working order will ensure that opening your pool next season will be a breeze! Replace any necessary maintenance tools now to avoid opening day drama in the spring.

Repair and Replace Pool Surfaces This Spring!

Pool Surface
Now is the time to spruce up your pool before summer fun begins. If your concrete,  plaster, gunite, or fiberglass pool has chipping or peeling paint, you might want to consider repainting it. Pool paint is more affordable and easier to use than ever before. Most pool paints last up to 8 years and can be applied without the help of a pool professional, saving you lots of money. If you have a liner pool, check your liner for fading and discoloration. Due to long exposure to chemicals and sunlight, vinyl liners can eventually become weakened and worn. Spring is a perfect time to consider replacement. Even if your pool surfaces are intact, they will certainly need to be cleaned to prepare for summer swimming. Check your pool maintenance equipment, including leaf skimmers, wall brushes, and vacuums, for any deterioration that could have occurred during the fall and winter months. These items are usually on sale at the beginning of pool seasons so now is the perfect time to replace any worn or outdated equipment. With some needed spring maintenance on your pool, you will ensure beautiful pool surfaces for years to come.

Have a Leak? We Have a Solution!

Developing a leak in your pool or spas plumbing system can be a disaster. Often, you cannot even locate the exact source of the leak, leaving you to scratch you head while your water levels constantly decrease. Fix A Leak is the solution. A single quart treats up to a 20,000 gallon pool and it works on practically any type of material. You feed Fix a Leak through your filter (bypassing your filter media) and keep your water circulating ever 4-6 hours until the leak stops. In twenty-four to forty-eight hours, you should be leak free. This high quality solution will also work on walls, floors, and pool shells. The seal is permanent¬† and lost water will be a thing of the past! Don’t let this costly problem continue if you are experiencing a pool leak. You can save lots of money on water and avoid costly excavation.