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Fix-A-Leak the Fast and Inexpensive Way!


Hopefully, your pool is now protected for the winter and properly closed (unless you are one of the few lucky enough to live in a tropical location year round). If you DID have a winter time disaster, such as frozen pipes, do you know how to solve to problem come spring? For cracked pipes or leaking pools, excavation can be extremely expensive. Try Fix-A-Leak first. a blended concentrated material designed to seal leaks in virtually any material. It works extremely well on all types of plastics, from spas to plumbing. Fix a leak forms a permanent seal on holes up to 1/8″ in diameter. It is perfect for leaks in the walls, floor, or shell of a pool or hot tub. One quart works on up to 22,000 gallons and cures in 48 hours. At under $30.00 a quart, it will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars versus excavation.

Winterizing: Don’t Miss This Important Step!

Pool Anti-Freeze Concentrate
There are many important steps in shutting your pool down for the winter. If you live in climate with harsh conditions, making sure that you pool plumbing is protected with anti-freeze might be the most important! After lowering your water level and capping off your return lines, you should always add an anti-freeze agent through your skimmer to protect your pool from frigid temperatures. As a standard rule of thumb, you should use one gallon of anti-freeze per every ten feet of distance from the pump to the pool. Pool Anti-Freeze Concentrate is the perfect freeze prevention product because it is both effective and safe. It is non-toxic and is designed for all types of swimming pools. Because it is super concentrated, one quart mixes with three quarts of water to make one whole gallon of anti-freeze. It will protect your pool down to negative forty degrees farenheit! You will never have to worry about frozen pool plumbing again!