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Storage Solutions for Cluttered Pool Areas

 Raft, Float, and Towel CaddyPool Deck BoxWicker Storage Cabinet
With pool season over in most areas, this is the perfect time of year to consider organizing your pool area. There are many tools available to keep your pool area clean and clutter free. The Raft, Float, and Towel Caddy is the perfect solution if you have toys littering your pool area. With designated spaces for everything from floats to swim goggles, you will have storage space for everything. It has a built-in towel rack and hamper so even wet towels will have a place. With its simple construction, the caddy can be put together in minutes.

If you are looking for something that offers more concealment, a pool deck box is the perfect solution. Since it is made of a high quality resin, it will keep your pool supplies safe and dry for many years to come. It is great for storing chemicals, toys, hoses, or even patio chair cushions. It has a 73 gallon capacity for lots of storage space, but is equipped with wheels for easy movement even when full. It is white and blue to match most pool decor and easily blend in.

For storage solutions that are both beautiful and sturdy, wicker is the way to go. An All Weather Wicker Storage Cabinet is so elegant that you will have trouble believing that it is designed for outdoor use. It is perfect for keeping toys, towels, and other pool area items hidden away in style. It will stand up to not only the elements, but also the most discerning style critics!

Pool Float and Towel Caddy Keeps Poolsides Tidy

The last things you probably want to see after spending time cleaning and maintaining your backyard swimming pool each week are wet towels, pool floats and rafts, and other pool toys strewn about the poolside or left adrift in the water.  Keeping your pool area organized and tidy is easy when you use a handy pool float and towel caddy.  Easy to put together and made of weather proof and water proof PVC, a pool float and towel caddy offers a convenient place to hang a wet towel or two and to neatly store pool floats and rafts until the next time they are needed.  Pool noodles, beach balls, and other pool toys can be tossed into the built-in hamper to keep them safely confined — especially handy on those breezy days.