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How to Make Pool Cleaning a Thing of the Past

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Most people would probably say that they’d love to have a swimming pool in their backyard, but many decide not to because they feel the maintenance that goes along with a swimming pool is too much to handle.  In the past, cleaning a swimming pool had been a time consuming activity, unless we could afford a pool service company to do the work for us.  These days, though, pool owners can rely on modern technology to do the dirty task of cleaning the pool.

Robotic pool cleaners bring together computer technology and robotic innovation to create an automatic pool cleaner that cannot be beat.   Once a robotic pool cleaner is placed in the pool and turned on, it will independently vacuum up all the debris, dirt, and algae it comes in contact with on the pool’s bottom, walls, and steps.  Robotic pool cleaners even work around drains and ladders.

The most current models of robotic pool cleaners are designed to detect the size and the shape of your swimming pool.  They “remember” this information, which ensures that each pool cleaning is consistent, thorough, and effective.  Additionally, many robotic cleaners have self-programming software that automatically scans and calculates the most effective pattern of cleaning that is required.

Even though robotic pool cleaners carry a higher price tag than most other automatic pool cleaners, pool owners who have them believe the initial investment is worth the amount of time and energy saved as a result of using a robotic pool cleaner.  Thanks to robotic pool cleaners, people can spend more time enjoying the pool rather than cleaning it.

A Favorite Gift Idea for Pool Owners

Gifts for the Pool Owner

It’s just about time to think about holiday shopping, and there’s probably no shortage of ideas on your favorite pool owner’s wish list.  One of the ultimate gifts for pool owners is both practical and often highly desired — the robotic pool cleaner.  Robotic pool cleaners often rank toward the top of the wish list, but they are a little more expensive.  As a result, pool owners tend to use their money for more pressing needs.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner in ActionWhy are robotic pool cleaners such a hot item? Cleaning a swimming pool is an ongoing task, and one that is not always a favorite, so finding the easiest and least time consuming method possible is a big deal.  Robotic pool cleaners offer a solution. They can clean the sides and bottom of a pool automatically, and they “remember” the size and shape of the pool so that cleaning is always performed thoroughly and efficiently. Robotic pool cleaners save pool owners enormous amounts of time and energy, and what better gift could there be than one that gives back on a consistent basis?

Give Dad a Gift That Really Sucks (Dirt, That Is)

Dad Needs a Robotic Pool Cleaner

What’s the absolute worst job when it comes to maintaining a swimming pool?  Ask one hundred pool-owning Dads this question, and you’re sure to hear “cleaning the darn thing” as the top answer.  Yes, owning a pool is sheer luxury and fun… when you don’t have to do the regular job of scrubbing and vacuuming to keep the dirt and debris under control.  This job, unfortunately, usually falls onto Dad’s shoulders.

Robotic Pool CleanersLuckily, you can dazzle a pool-cleaning Dad (your own or someone else’s) with the gift of a Robotic Pool Cleaner, which does all the cleaning by itself.  Robotic pool cleaners scrub and vacuum just about every inch of a swimming pool without much guidance or effort by Dad.  He can just sit back and sip a cool drink while the pool cleaner does its thing.  Paradise!

The best gift to give any Dad is the gift of relaxation.  Offer him a double-whammy of a gift that lets him relax while the work gets done, and Dad can enjoy the best Father’s Day ever.  Happy Father’s Day, Dads!

New Rebates on Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Robo-Kleen Pool Cleaner
The season for pool savings is upon us! People across the country are opening their pools in anticipation of Memorial Day. Last week, we brought you savings on pool cleaners for Polaris in ground robotic cleaners. This week, we want to extend the savings to above ground pool owners. From now through the end of July 2011, you can get an additional $25 rebate on the already discounted Robo-Kleen Above Ground Pool Cleaner. The Robo-Kleen is a fraction of the cost of traditional robotic pool cleaners. It’s self-contained filtration system so it will not clog up your pump and filter. It cleans your pool with no messy hoses to connect and wrestle with. Just drop it in and let it work! Coming in at under $270 already, the current rebate will make this reasonable cleaner more affordable.

Be sure to order before 7-31-2011 to take advantage of this awesome rebate!

Hot Deals on Polaris Pool Cleaners!

Polaris 9300xi Sport Pool Cleaner
Has your pool cleaner broken or are you looking to upgrade to a robotic model? If you are in the market for a new pool cleaner, now is the time to buy! Polaris, a long time industry leader in the pool cleaner market, is currently offering rebates of two of their top new robotic cleaners. The Polaris 9300 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner will clean your pool faster than ever before with its new aquadynamic design. It is energy-efficient and does not have a messy debris bag like most cleaners. It’s revolutionary technology includes a rear water propulsion system and 3 motors: 1 for suction and 1 for each side of the cleaner for the drive train. For a short time, Polaris is offer a$100 rebate on this cleaner!

The Polaris 9300xi Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner offers all the great features of the 9300 Sport with the addition of the option of a remote control. You can choose between running a pre-programmed cleaning mode or taking control with the easy to use remote. Make sure that every area of the pool is spotless with rotate right, rotate left, forward and reverse buttons. If purchased now, Polaris is offer a $150 rebate on the advanced 9300xi!

These deals can’t be beat and are available for a short time at BackyardcityPools.com