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Solar Pool Covers Open Pools Sooner

Solar Pool Cover
When you finally get to open your pool this summer, waiting for it to warm up can be almost unbearable. You have waited the long fall and winter months to be able to enjoy your pool again and want it to warm up quickly. Using the sun’s warmth, you can quickly raise the temperature in your above ground pool 10-15 degrees with a solar pool cover. Solar covers are a perfect way to swim sooner and extend your pool season longer. They also cut chemical evaporation by up to 95%, saving you money! Clear and light blue solar blankets capture warmth and help it penetrate the water, heating it quickly and thoroughly. They are an affordable solution to traditional pool heater. While solar covers are easy to apply and remove on their own, you can make this process completely effortless with solar pool cover reel. You simply turn the crank to roll and store your solar cover when not in use. Solar covers and reels are the perfect (and easy way) to warm your pool for earlier swimming.