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Poolside Luxury Provides an Instant Getaway

Poolside Chaise Lounge
Longing for the days of summer in these cold winter months, I have already began imagining lounging by the pool. In my mind, I am in a tropical locale on a plush, luxurious lounge chair soaking up the sun and relaxing all my stress away. Sounds wonderful, huh? Escaping to an island getaway might not be possible for you, but bringing luxury to your own poolside is! The Calle All Weather Poolside Chaise Lounge will make you feel like a million bucks no matter where you are. Its contouring curves offer superior comfort and Sunbrella cushions are both sun and water-resistant for years of heavy-duty, year-round use. Even the bronze and cocoa color scheme highlight the epitome of quality and taste. This chair is a simple way to turn your pool side into the getaway of your dreams.

Inflatable Pool Coolers Will Have You Longing for Summer!

Inflatable Floating Cooler

Whether you are heading to a more tropical climate for the winter or simply dreaming of rising temperatures, it is never too early to start looking for fun new toys for swim season! An inflatable floating cooler is going to be my must-have accessory come summertime! No more jumping in and out of the pool when I need a refreshing drink! The floating cooler above holds up to 12 cans in the icy center cooler and has six drink holders and a pocket for holding valuables on the outside.  It even comes with a built-in carrying case for easy transportation when the cooler is deflated. Now…if only summer will hurry up and arrive!

Unique Gift Idea Will Have Your Children “Floating”!

Swan FloatWater Taxi FloatWater Wheel Float

If you are looking for a unique Christmas present for your children, why not give them something to brighten up the dreary winter and help them look forward to next summer? Unique pool floats for children are a great alternative to run of the mill presents. There are so many amazing options. You can choose a gigantic white swan or a floating multi-person water taxi. There are interactive floating games, like an Arcade Shooter pool float or the dizzying Water Wheel. Floats are available to hold one child or several, making them fun for the entire family. Your children will get to appreciate your gift all summer long!

In-Pool Furniture – You Have To See It!

Pool Party Swimming Pool Furniture


Picture a group of friends, lounging around the pool under an umbrella, sharing drinks and conversation. Sounds fun, right? Now imagine that table and chair IN the water! Swimming pool furniture is a great way to add some unique seating to your pool. With unique foot pads designed for any type of pool finish, your furniture will stay in place without the worry of it scratching and tearing your liner. The furniture and cushions quickly fill with water when they enter the pool, providing balance and security. When lifted from the water, the quick drain features make sure that you can transfer your furniture from pool to pool side with very little effort. This table and chairs is the perfect way to relax and stay cool in your pool!

Pool Games for the Whole Family

Pool Basketball Game

You have probably been enjoying your pool for several weeks. Are you looking for something to add to your pool time that is new and exciting? Pool games are your answer. You can get the whole family involved and turn an afternoon of pool time into an exciting sporting event! A water volleyball game is great for a large crowd. This set comes with two sturdy poles and a 24″ net that will fit both residential and commercial pools, as well as a neon colored volleyball. With multiple players on each side of the net, you will create a game that includes everyone at your party!  A Slash and Shoot Basketball game is another great group activity. It even comes with a regulation sized basketball that will surely delight the sports fans in your home. For something with a little less impact and physicality, you could add a floating ring toss game to your pool. It is perfect for younger children and can be converted into two other games (bean bag toss and ladder ball) for endless hours of fun!

Pool Volleyball GamePool Ring Toss Game