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Pool Fountains: Multiple Uses for Family Fun

Swimming pool fountains are an often overlooked pool accessory that offers enjoyment to the entire family.   First, fountains are pleasing to the eye and the ear — when you’re not in your pool swimming, you can still relax by the poolside and watch the fountain’s lovely spray.  Additionally, there is a meditative, calming effect that can result from listening to the water as it falls gently back into the pool.

Second, pool fountains provide a source of fun for kids during swim time.  Children love to run through the backyard sprinkler, and they love to play in the pool.  So, combining the two by adding a pool fountain to your backyard swimming pool makes for extra fun.

Finally, pool fountains add ambiance to an outdoor gathering.  Why let your pool sit quietly while you entertain guests on your deck or patio?  Put your pool to work by turning on a pool fountain — the lovely spray created by the fountain adds an elegant, decorative touch to the party’s atmosphere.