Above Ground Pool Ladders That Can Save a Life

Anyone who owns an above ground pool knows that getting into and out of one requires a safe and sturdy pool ladder.  When swimming is over for the day, though, do you remove your pool ladder?  To help prevent access to your above ground pool when a responsible adult is not around to supervise, it’s essential to remove your pool ladder from the pool after each use.  Yes, pool ladders can be heavy and awkward — removing and installing them each time you wish to use the pool is not always convenient.  Fortunately, safe alternatives exist.

Choosing a pool ladder that has safety features built-in is the best way to prevent pool access while also saving you from the hassle of removing the ladder after each day the pool is used.  Here are 3 common options:

1.  Pool ladders that are equipped with locking gates are one option above ground pool owners can choose to prevent pool access.

2.  A ladder that features a unique rolling barrier is another way that above ground pool owners can block access to the pool.

Roll-Guard A-Frame Ladder

3.  A third alternative to standard above ground pool ladders is one whose outer steps can swing into an upright position and be locked into place to keep ladder rungs out of reach.

Eliminator A-Frame Ladder

 While convenience is certainly a benefit of the pool safety ladders shown here, safety is at the heart of their importance.  Sure, you can save your time and your back by not having to haul the ladder out of the water at the end of each swimming day, but you may also save a life simply by ensuring that the safety features are engaged before leaving the pool side.

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