Above Ground Pool Safety Covers are Now Available!

Above Ground Pool Safety Covers
We have been telling people for years about the live saving benefits of pool safety covers for in ground pools. They prevent countless drowning accidents and can literally be a life saver. For years, we have had people inquiring about safety covers for their above ground pools also. Because of the usual lack of decking around the entire pool, traditional safety covers were usually not an option. We are now happy to announce that above ground safety nets are here! Water Warden nets have created the solution to unwanted visitors and help to keep your children and pets safe. It installs quickly and is lightweight for easy removal. The netting is stretched over your above ground pool, and attaches to pool using a bracket system.The nets hold up to 485 lbs of weight without tearing. Your child or pet would not be able to submerge into the water, keeping them from falling undetected into the pool.  They are available in several sizes and install in minutes with only a drill. Make your above ground pool as safe as possible with this innovative break through in safety covers!

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