Add a Dazzling New Pool Light

Pool Light

Adding a new and exciting pool light can make your swimming experience even more enjoyable. Underwater Light Shows project colorful, dancing underwater lights onto your pool bottom and sides, creating a beautiful display. Many also come with a fountain. With this combination, you get entertainment both under and on top of the water. Other lights look like floating pieces of art. The Ocean Art Jellies are beautiful floating jellyfish-like lights. Super bright LED lights illuminate the jellyfish cap and spread soft light down into the tentacles. They float gracefully across the water’s surface, creating a beautiful effect. For a more eco-friendly choice in pool lights, there is the Solar Floating Pool Light. Solar cells store sunlight during the day to illuminate nights at your pool. They are offered in a rainbow of changing colors and stay illuminated for up to 12 hours. They even turn off automatically at dawn.

Underwater Light Show and FountainSolar Floating LightOcean Art Jellies

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